The evosport technicians installed the Mini Mania Stage 2 kit easily, giving us plenty of time for the fun part: testing the system on evosport's 248C Dynojet dynamometer. Just to be safe, evosport went ahead and monitored the air/fuel ratio to make sure we were always under 13.0:1.

With the Stage 2 kit installed Project Street S spun the dyno rollers, registering 176.2 whp at 7000 rpm with 152.6 lb-ft of twist at 4000 rpm. Peak increases were a very significant 24.5 hp and 19.1 lb-ft of torque right where the supercharger whines the most: at 6750 rpm. Testing was done on California's 91-octane, ping-prone fuel. But the car showed only smooth pulls without any sign of knock or pre-detonation.

After hearing the news, Mini Mania was somewhat disappointed, as the company had been dynoing around 185 whp with its Stage 2 kit. But it was the software that told the story. Right at 4500 rpm the car dumps so much fuel that the modestly rich reading of a mid-11 air/fuel ratio goes down off the chart-under 10:1-and stays there through redline. It's right in this area where the torque isn't quite as flat as it could be.

When asked about this, Mini Mania's Ken Suzuki said that all of their customers had been seeing normal air/fuel ratios, with several peaking over 180 whp. After being asked to put around 50 more miles on the car, Project Street S's new dyno runs revealed the same problem, too much fuel. At least it's not leaning out anywhere-we're definitely on the safer side of that spectrum.

Despite this, I was still excited to check it out the modifications. After warming it up properly, and within an instant of my first wide-open-throttle application, I was pleasantly amazed. The power increase was obvious throughout the entire rev range. and the car seemed to pull with total anger. The new sound of the considerably louder exhaust system and supercharger whine surely contributed to that sensation as well. Although the dyno showed the rich conditions, I couldn't detect any hesitations or sluggishness from the motor-this car hauls ass, and the motor sounds like it's still begging for more.

In the meantime, Mini Mania will be looking into the rich condition from 4500 rpm-on, which should be solved by the time you read this. So far, we are only 24 hp away from the desired 200. Perhaps some custom yet mild tweaks are in order-stay tuned to see how we getProject MINI closer to our goal.

Author's note: Special thanks to evosport for the install and dyno testing of the Mini Mania Stage2 power upgrade.

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