Also complementing overall looks, the addition of Forgeline wheels will personalize the car more to my taste. More importantly, it will allow for more brake clearance and the wider tires that will be mounted for better traction under cornering, acceleration and braking. Forgeline's lightweight, forged wheels will also help reduce unsprung weight.

Some of the accessories this project uses will come from MOMO. Although some MOMO parts are primarily track-only, this project won't steer away from being totally streetable. These accessories will, however, actually serve to reduce weight.

A variety of products will be ordered from Performance Products throughout the project. The company offers nearly everything this and nearly any other Porsche will ever need for maintenance and restoration, as well as performance upgrades.

Lastly, the car's vitals will be monitored through a careful selection of AutoMeter and SPA Technique gauges. All the custom work and special installations will be performed by Don Kravig of Precision Motion in Riverside, Calif. The shop's loading Mustang Dyno will be used for testing as well. Precision Motion will also be used for any maintenance work done to Project 951.

As I write this, I can't wait to get this project going. But by the time you read this, Project 951 should be kicking tail and taking names!

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