Aerokit Cup II Package
front bumper/side skirts/rear spoiler
Aerokit Cup II (by component)
front bumper
rear spoiler
side skirts
rear European bumper
McKenna service $135 per hour

Put on a new face
Since the Aerokit Cup II package is designed to fit only 2002-05 996 models, our 2000 C2 required a little facelift. The changes include updated fenders, which accept the newer teardrop multi-light assemblies offered in Litronic and non-Litronic. The Litronic units provide a 100 percent increase in the volume of light output compared to a 55-watt halogen bulb, while reducing power consumption to 35 watts.

Although they appear blue at night, Porsche Litronic lamps (or Xenons) are actually closer to daylight 'white' light spectrum than any incandescent bulb. The high-intensity-discharge low beams and halogen high beams result in brighter, more focused illumination. You can save roughly two grand on the non-Litronics and it was certainly something we considered. But in this case, the Litronics were an important element we didn't want to skimp on. They're just too cool.

Although the revised lamps and fenders are the fundamental parts for the conversion, it's important to note that many other integral parts are required in order to perform the job properly. Most are brackets, fasteners and other associated hardware.

'02 Facelift Conversion by the numbers
Litronic/Xenon Headlamp (left)
(996-631-059-20) $1,914.11
Litronic/Xenon Headlamp (right)
(996-631-060-20) $1,914.11
Headlamp harness (Xenon)
(996-612-317-15) $348.78 x2
Headlamp mount (left) (996-631-173-00) $48.43
Headlamp mount (right) (996-631-174-00) $48.43
Headlamp mount fastening (996-631-078-00) $45.00 x2
Fender (left '02) (996-503-031-03-GRV) $430.19
Fender (right '02) (996-503-032-05-GRV) $430.19
Wheel housing liner (front left)
(996-504-103-00) $133.54
Wheel housing liner (front right)
(996-504-104-00) $133.54
Wheel housing liner (rear left)
(996-504-123-01) $96.55
Wheel housing liner (rear right)
(996-504-124-01) $96.55
Bumper retainer bracket (front left)
(996-505-539-02) $16.40
Bumper retainer bracket (front right)
(996-505-540-02) $21.5
Bumper retaining bracket (rear left)
(996-505-631-00) $173.26
Bumper retaining bracket (rear right)
(996-505-632-00) $173.26
Rear bumper heat shield
(996-505-475-02) $164.90
Rear bumper bracket supports
(996-505-639-02) $67.53 x2
License plate lights (997-631-620-00) $17.16 x2
License plate light harness
(996-612-062-00) $77.73
Hood trim (996-504-811-02-01C) $23.01

Collision center labor: $50 per hour

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