Following changes to the interior and undercarriage, we finally address the most visible GT3 aspect: aerodynamics. Of all 911 models, the GT3 is the most recognizable. Its ground-effect appendages provide visual cues, but the dead giveaway is the tabletop bi-wing.

Yet, aggressive as it is, the full body package somehow maintains an ideal balance of beauty, form and functionality. Although aftermarket versions of the kit are available, we've used nothing but authentic GT3 aero components from Tequipment, Porsche's factory-engineered range of vehicle accessories. This meant there would be no change in quality and fit. Plus, with the help of McKenna Porsche and its dealer-certified collision repair facility, all items were painted and installed by trained technicians, further ensuring a level of quality Porsche owners come to expect.

For vehicles still under warranty, using a Porsche-trained tech also means that although your car is modified, its original warranty won't be. Additionally, all Porsche Tequipment items are warrantied for two years-parts and labor.

Our 2000 C2 project car lends itself to the Aerokit Cup I package (1999-01). However, we opted for the revised Aerokit Cup II (2002-05) for a more updated look. So we first had to adopt the '02 facelift treatment, which includes swapping out the front fenders and headlamps for the more bulbous teardrop units. It is important to note that Porsche does not recommend or endorse this type of modification, but we found everything bolted on easily. In fact, the mods are completely reversible if need be. Naturally, this isn't an issue for 996 models 2002 or newer. The package simply replaces the existing components and for roughly seven grand you'll have a GT3 replica.

Wind tunnel-developed for competition use, the package consists of a modified front apron, matching side skirts, rear deck and that menacing fixed rear wing. Each component is made of durable polyurethane, save for the deck and wing, which are lightweight pressed fiberglass. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the package is designed to effectively increase downforce in the front and rear, thanks to the lower front apron and bi-plane wing. The front bumper, which incorporates a splitter, also features wider intakes that offer greater airflow.

The package utilizes the stock rear bumper on '02 or newer models, coinciding with the design architecture. Since we have a pre-facelift model, which uses the older-style rear bumper, we went for a European rear with the bumper pad delete. It also blends with the Aero Cup II and provides a more seamless, uninterrupted look. All components are sealed with primer and ready for paint. This aero package makes a huge difference in the car's visual transformation. Apart from the stock exhaust tips (which we have yet to change) the car is a mirror-image of a genuine GT3. Sitting outside McKenna's showroom, many customers mistakenly took it for the real deal. How's that for perfection? Granted, it doesn't have GT3 performance, but horsepower gains are easily addressed. A GT3-look 911 won't run the Nrburgring in under eight minutes, but it's not far behind.

Comprised of bolt-on components, Tequipment's Aerokit Cup II turns your 996 Carrera into a GT3-look warrior. The package consists of a GT3 front apron that incorporates wider intakes and lower splitter, matching rockers and a rear deck with the GT3's characteristic tabletop rear wing. Complete with factory GT3 wheels, it's nearly impossible to tell it apart from the real thing.

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