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The Haus of Claus

The automotive aftermarket industry has historically had a certain danger to it. People selling go-fast parts of dubious origin, "shop owners" working from single cell phones, parts that are paid for but never arrive. If the term "buyer beware" needed a poster child, this was it. Personally, if I'm going to spend a significant amount of cash, I want to be coddled, pampered even. If I have a problem, I want it rectified, like now. And I want the money exchanged in a place I know is going to be there tomorrow. That said, it was no wonder I found myself at CEC.

The CEC showroom broke ground some seven years ago. Strategically positioned on the edges of L.A. and Beverly Hills, it's something of a health spa for cars. You drive in, have a little work done, and leave the same day. CEC crew members are well versed in the products they carry and most work can be done in house.

Don't be misled into thinking this is a rich-guy-only club. Prices are actually reasonable given the quality and exclusivity. Moreover, CEC's solid connection with its European suppliers means what you want is in stock, right now.

I was once asked to describe what the typical european car reader wants from his car. It was an easy question to answer, as I am the demographic. I want my car to be unique, singular, understated, capable, powerful, and, most importantly, fun to drive.

I found all that at CEC.

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