Demand for the Range Rover Evoque has outstripped expectations of the parent company and the automotive industry as a whole. As a result, Jaguar Land Rover’s 4,500-strong workforce at its Halewood plant in England will be working 24-hour shifts to meet the global demand. This is the first time in the plant’s 50-year history that it’s been necessary to do this.

Since its launch in July 2011, the Evoque has sold almost 88000 vehicles in more than 170 markets. In March 2012, JLR announced it would move to 24-hour production and launched a recruitment campaign to hire 1000 new operators, supervisors and engineers. The new recruits will join the existing workforce to manufacture both the Evoque and updated LR2 models across three shifts.

Richard Else at Halewood explained: “Our new recruits have worked hard during their assessments and extensive induction training. Many also worked trial night shifts to ensure we get off to a great start.

“Moving production to three shifts and working 24 hours a day will allow us to significantly reduce the time a customer has to wait for their new Range Rover Evoque.”

Des Thurlby at JLR said: “With 4500 employees, JLR Halewood’s workforce is three times bigger in just three years. We received more than 30,000 applications for the 1000 new roles and we’re very fortunate to select such high caliber people for our new jobs.”

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