Jaguar chose the relatively unknown Clerkenwell Design Week in London to showcase its C-X16 concept car, but not as you might expect. Rather than wheel out the finished concept, skilled clay modellers will instead be working on a full size model to reveal the artistry involved in sculpting the cars of the future.

Julian Thomson, Jaguar’s Advanced Design Director said: “Jaguar is one of the most technologically advanced companies in the field of product development but we still believe in the sense of artistry. Emotional connections are at the heart of our vehicles and the traditional process of working with clay and some of the best sculptors in the world allows us to refine them into the purest surfaces.”

Joining the C-X16 clay model are three bespoke sculptures that show the past, present and future of Jaguar. Commissioned by Julian Thomson and painted by two designers from the Jaguar design team, the artwork is based on the hoods of an E-type, C-X16 and C-X75.

Just as these creations span Jaguar’s heritage, so too do the vehicles on display. The XJ13, created in 1966 and the only one in the world, is joined by an XFR and XKR-S.

Clerkenwell Design Week runs in London from 22-24th May 2012.

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