For several years, Honda has been developing a range of prototypes aimed at personal urban mobility. Finally, the testing and development is complete and the U3-X personal mobility concept from 2009 has morphed into the UNI-CUB.

The new device features a compact design with comfortable seating while offering the same freedom of movement a person enjoys while walking.

It’s been achieved by Honda’s proprietary balance control technology and the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System). This system was inspired by robotic technologies developed for Asimo, Honda’s humanoid robot project.

The technology allows the rider to control speed of up to 4mph, direction, turn and stop simply by shifting weight. Since the rider can freely move in any direction, so they can easily maneuver around other people. The UNI-CUB saddle-style seating allows the rider’s legs to reach the ground while maintaining eye-level height with other pedestrians.

From this summer until March 2013, Honda will conduct demonstration testing of UNI-CUB with Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. In addition to testing the feasibility of using UNI-CUB indoors, the project will explore the practical applications in a wide range of environments.

Going forward, Honda will continue its proactive research and development of next-generation mobility technologies, with the aim of continually looking for innovative yet practical ways to offer society and individuals the joy, fun and convenience that comes from the freedom of movement.

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