As soon as the doors are closed the Huayra transports the occupants to a new dimension; a world that pleases and surprises the senses. Having everything at arm's length is not close enough for a vehicle with the capabilities of the Huayra. Consequently, the driver will find all primary functions directly on the steering wheel. The gearshift paddles are mounted directly to the steering wheel so the driver never needs to take his hands off the steering wheel. The seats provide both the comfort to make long trips enjoyable as well as the lateral support required when the g-forces build up on extreme driving.

A Pagani is able to present drivers with state of the art solutions while still drawing on the rich history that precedes it. The ever present emphasis is on a living breathing being rather than a digital one. This can be seen in everything from the leather latches to the toggle switches, but this ethos finds its purest expression in the mechanical aluminum gearlever assembly, a monument to the art of the manual gearshift; progress that does not deny the past. The aluminum dashboard takes inspiration from the most complex swiss watch designs and includes a central Multi-Function Display displaying performance relevant information when SPORT mode is engaged and a trip computer when the COMFORT mode is activated. The aluminum center console is machined from one solid block of aluminum and features a clarinet style array of mechanical switches controlling the HVAC system. The high definition central touchscreen is the heart of the vehicle infotainment system, controlling audio functions, satellite navigation, secondary vehicle functions and Bluetooth phone.

On the road

To this date five prototypes have been built which have been conducting road tests for the past 4 years. Currently, over half a million kilometers have been covered by our prototypes and before entering the US market we will have reached one million test kilometers. Each prototype has been assigned to a specific development task. At Mercedes-AMG one is used to develop drivability, and another is used for emission development. One car is operated constantly by Bosch Engineering for the application of ABS and advanced stability and performance enhancement systems. Still another vehicle is used for gearbox testing, and general vehicle dynamics development.


The car complies to the strictest European and American standards in term of safety and pollution regulations. Several studies were conducted to determine the most frequent types of crashes involving high performance cars. The results of these studies have let us to develop specific safety measures not required by law but to guarantee an enhanced protection for the occupants. Several cars have been used to perform these tests.

Technical data:


Mercedes-AMG M158 V12 twin-Turbo
displacement: 5980 cc
power: >700cv
torque: >1.000 Nm


transverse sequential seven speed gearbox
AMT robotyzed system with driving programs
length: 4605mm
height: 1169mm
car's body width: 2036mm
car's width with rear mirrors: 2356mm
dry weight: 1.350 kg (*)
weight distribution: 44% front 56% rear

* changing according to the model

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