Powerflex Top Mount

The new Powerflex rear shock top mount for the E36 and E46 BMW 3 Series was designed to eliminate rear-end knocking caused by worn rubber in the original shock mounts. Not only will this eradicate the annoying noise, but will improve ride quality as well. This kit includes polyurethane bushings, available in two durometers, with the standard Powerflex lifetime warranty. The top mount brackets have been designed to support the polyurethane bushings from inside the bracket. This prevents the damper from passing through the reinforced assembly. The high-strength steel support plates provide additional support to the original shock tower, helping to reduce fatigue and prevent the mount from punching through the shock tower. The 10mm unit fits standard shocks and some coilover systems (such as Bilstein PSS9/PSS10), while the 12mm fits racing coilovers from companies such as Ohlins, MCS, JRZ, etc. We should point out it doesn't fit all Convertible models.
From $113.99

Meguiar's Headlight Restoration

Restore clouded headlights to crystal-clear with the Meguiar's Headlight Lens Correction Kit with PlastX. It's an easy-to-use kit allowing anybody to achieve professional results. The pack includes the necessary sanding pads for removal of oxidation and cloudiness, along with a foam pad to apply the Meguiar's PlastX, which will polish the lens to clarity. Your vehicle will not only look better, but you will have enhanced safety thanks to better visibility at night and in inclement weather.

ArmorAll Wipes

Clean all your vehicle's surfaces with ArmorAll Disinfecting Wipes for everything from ketchup stains to grease and grime. Simply wipe the surface until it's visibly wet, allowing the area to remain damp for 10sec. Let it air-dry, but if the surfaces are extremely dirty, you will want to clean with another wipe before disinfecting. To sanitize hard, nonporous, non-food contact surfaces, wipe the surface with enough wipes to remain wet for 15sec. This is claimed to sufficiently eradicate staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumonia, campylobacter jejuni and most deadly-sounding bacteria.
$33.70 per carton

CTek battery chargers

We've looked at and tested CTek chargers in the past, but the harsh winter encouraged us to revisit. It appears we hadn't fully appreciated the importance of a good charger and, while the Swedish-based CTek units are a little more expensive, the advantages are worth the extra cost. To prove the point, CTek chargers are offered as accessories by most of the European car manufacturers following their own extensive testing. However, you could save some money by going direct to a CTek stockist.

The company offers a range of chargers with microprocessor circuitry that guarantees the highest charge of almost any charger on the market. It will also manage the charge, ensuring the battery is always at its best. We tried the MUS 4.3 Polar charger, which is recommended for deeply discharged batteries and designed to operate down to -22°F. It can also desulphate batteries that might otherwise need to be replaced, helping to recondition them and extend the operating life.

CTek chargers come with a couple of connectors, allowing fast connection or long term hookup. There are also functions for smaller batteries such as motorcycle or leisure vehicles. Additionally, CTek has a range of accessories, such as its Comfort Indicator. This uses LED lights to indicate battery charge at a glance, letting you know if the vehicle is ready for action or needs to be charged. So if you have a vehicle that doesn't see regular use or draws a lot of current, you live in hot or cold climates, or simply have battery problems, we can recommend CTek products. Check the website for product details.

Kahn Design Wheel

The British-designed Kahn RS600 wheel is sculpted in cast aluminum to be lightweight. The 20" wheel, for example, weighs 48.5 lb, the 22" is 61.7 lb. The sophisticated appearance was intended for vehicles such as Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, Audi, Range Rover, Mercedes and Volvo. As such, it's available in 20x8.5" and 10", 22x9.5" and 11" as well as 23x9.5". The finish options range from Hyper Silver and gunmetal to matte black.
From $759 each

Steering Wheel Rims

The new custom-molded grips in the Street Racer Program from The Steering Wheel Guy allows drivers to adopt their own steering wheel rims by completing three questions online, provide a photo of your hands and send a video of you driving. The Street Racer Program then designs the grips on any stock, airbag or aftermarket steering wheel. This hands-on approach allows the driver to fine-tune their vehicle's most critical interface and there are plenty of custom options to choose from. Besides enhanced comfort and better grip, the benefit for driving enthusiasts comes from a more relaxed grip on the wheel.
Starting at $495

Water Pump Kit

The Davies Craig EWP80 is a 21.13 gallons/minute remote-mount electric water pump kit that includes adapters and a wiring harness. The benefits of a remote unit include its universal application and the ability to function as a booster to the existing cooling system. The EWP80 can replace the factory unit by simply removing the mechanical impeller. It's capable of cooling up to a 3.0-liter engine on its own, or used in parallel with other pumps for larger capacity. One major benefit of an electric pump is that coolant flow isn't dependent on engine RPM for the maximum efficiency - most vehicles have cooling issues at low speed when a mechanical pump has less flow, or at high speed where a mechanical pump is subject to cavitation due to over-spinning the impeller.

Meguiar's Bug Sponges

Safely remove baked-on bug splatter from almost every exterior surface in minutes with Meguiar's Bug Splatter Sponges. By removing bug entrails shortly after contact, you preserve the vehicle's delicate clearcoat finish, eliminating the risk of etching or staining. Meguiar's Bug Splatter Sponges are double-sided foam/terry sponges that remove bug residue without scratching even the most delicate paint finish. Each pack contains five individually wrapped sponges, specially formulated for bug biochemistry. The sponges make bug removal easy by loosening and removing the bug debris before washing or detailing the paintwork.

Oil Analysis Kit

Oil Analyzers has a new low-cost Value Kit option that allows more of us to take advantage of its oil analysis as a beneficial tool to gauge the current condition of the oil and whether it's suitable for continued use. The Value Kit focuses on four key areas of testing: oil thickness, corrosion potential, metal wear and oil additives. Limiting the testing to these areas allows Oil Analyzers to charge less for the kit and answer the main question consumers have when using oil analysis: Is it time to change my oil or not? The new Value Kit is recommended for vehicles with an existing oil analysis history and with established oil change intervals.

By Rachel Baker
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