Meguiar's AirRe-Fresher

Coming in a 2oz spray can and having a "new car smell", Meguiar's went to great pains to differentiate this product from regular air fresheners. This isn't something you hang from the mirror; it's an odor removal system. They advise it's best used when the interior is clean and dry. Place the can on the floor in the center of the car, set the car's ventilation to max cold, activate the locking trigger and leave it to empty. The odor will then penetrate the entire car and is said to remove the unwanted odor permanently.


BMW Speaker Upgrade

Bavsound has announced a plug-n-play Stage One speaker upgrade for the F30 BMW 3 Series. The speakers are claimed to produce a higher quality sound with a wider range of the bass and treble, thanks to coated natural-fiber drivers and silk tweeters that remain distortion-free at higher volume to provide accurate sound reproduction. The Stage One kit features pre-installed plug-n-play connectors, factory-matched impedances and custom-molded baskets. By utilizing all the factory fittings, this easy-to-use speaker system is a perfect solution for the lifetime of the vehicle, or can be easily converted back to stock for leased vehicles.


B&W Maserati Edition headphones

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition Hi-Fi headphones were designed to function alongside most smartphones, and are supplied with an approved iPhone cable. When connected to current iPhone models, the headphones allow for speech and device control. There's also a standard audio cable with gold-plated plugs. The headphones feature linear neodymium magnets, optimized Mylar diaphragms and maximum noise isolation thanks to sealed, leather ear pads. The closed-back design features a rigid metal faceplate and provides comfort for extended listening. The P5 Maserati Edition was crafted from fine-grain natural leather finished in the carmaker's Deep Racing Blue.


Mini Mirror BoomBox

iUi Design has created an interesting Bluetooth speaker for Mini enthusiasts. It looks identical to the Mini's distinctive oval door mirrors and even comes in a number of classic finishes including the Union Jack and checkered flags. On the front it has a mirror as well as a speaker grille with the Mini emblem. Designed for ease of use, it has NFC- and Bluetooth-compatibility to quickly pair your device. You can then stream music to the 8w speaker that gives clear, accurate sound reproduction, that surpasses its small size. There's an engine sound when the BoomBox is turned on and a voice bids goodbye when turned off. It also tells you when your device is connected, so there's no confusion. Volume is controlled by touch sensors, with lights behind the mirror to confirm operation. The unit has a microphone so it can also be used to take phone calls. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of up to eight hours of playback and they'll even ship it free. For the price, we liked the look, functionality and sound quality.


Universal phone mount

Weighing less than 1oz, the Kenu Ariframe portable smartphone mount attaches easily to any air vent. Its low-profile design keeps the phone at eye level and has a rotating clip for horizontal and vertical positioning. The clip also doubles as a travel stand for watching movies, playing games or chatting when out of the car. The over-molded grips keep your phone free from scratches, and the expandable jaw holds most smartphones securely in place.


Bluetooth Car Kit

Kinivo has a simple hands-free solution for answering calls and enjoying music while on the road. The BTC450 will connect to any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth device and stream to your car's stereo system via its 3.5mm audio jack. This provides the ability for users to receive calls and operate their device's voice-command functionality through the built-in microphone. The Kinivo BTC450 allows users to select audio with control over tracks, including play, pause, previous song and next song functions. Installation is simple because the BTC450 connects into the vehicle's stereo system via the 3.5mm audio connector.


Dual USB charger

id America is offering a car charger to suit the interior of your European vehicle. Combining style and function, the LX dual USB was designed with genuine leather trim, which delivers a modern, polished appearance to complement any interior. The 2.1A output will charge high-powered devices, while the built-in fuse will protect against possible power surges. It can also power two iPods, iPhones, MP3, GPS or other gadgets and has an LED power indicator.


Bluetooth Headset

The Kinivo BTM440 Bluetooth headset combines advanced noise cancellation technology with lightweight wraparound design for convenient hands-free calling. It allows users to control calls wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone for hands-free operation. The Mono headset's built-in microphone is said to provide crystal-clear phone calls while driving. The lightweight earpiece was designed for extended wear, allowing users to remain comfortably connected for long periods of time. The easy-to-use operation offers full control over functions like voice dialing, adjusting volume, answering calls and more. There's a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts more than four hours of active talk time, or 150 hours in standby mode. It connects to the included micro-USB cable to recharge.


Rockford Bluetooth adapter

Audio specialist Rockford Fosgate has announced its new RFBTAUX Universal Bluetooth Plug & Play Mobile Adapter. It will give users an easy way to stream media content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop to a 3.5mm AUX input jack. The content could include your music library or just about any app such as Pandora or Rhapsody. The RFBTAUX easily pairs with Bluetooth devices - the Auto Connect provides an audible chime when connected - and will stream the audio to any source with an AUX input. It also has a USB port for charging your phone (USB cable not included).


A-Z of Three-Wheelers

The introduction of the Morgan 3 Wheeler in 2011 brought the subject of tripod travel back into the public's imagination. But if you imagine this is a passing phase, you'd be wrong. Elvis Payne's comprehensive 272pg book catalogs more than 450 manufacturers and 1000 models that date back to the steam-powered vehicle developed by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769. As the first form of powered transport, three-wheelers have always been with us, and this book from Crecy Publishing (available from CarTech) leaves you in no doubt. A lot of the photography is full color with some older B&W images and even illustrations where photos don't exist. The book is from left field but includes everything from trucks to track cars, utility transport, speed record breakers and concepts like VW's 2006 GX3.


Scosche boomcan

This minature speaker packs a surprisingly big punch. At 2" tall it's the smallest of several Scosche "can" speakers that will easily fit in your pocket or bag. The lithium-ion battery is charged by USB for two hours of play. The 35mm speaker provides a decent sound that inevitably lacks bass but didn't distort, even at its loudest volume setting - one button turns it on and selects one of two volume levels. You then adjust from your device. Bluetooth connection is simple and it chimes to confirm, or there's an aux jack input. Available in four colors, there's also an optional cycle mount. The boomCAN is compact but delivers crisp sound.


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