Meguiar's Tire Coating

Bringing long-lasting shine to dull tires, Meguiar's new Ultimate Black Tire Coating provides a durable coating that dries with a deep, black, wet appearance. And while other tire shines can fade, peel or crack over time, the Meguiar's coating is guaranteed to last more than one month. It's resistant to water and wear and won't peel or crack. Simply spray it onto a clean, dry tire and walk away. The coating leaves tires with a protective shine that should outlast the competition.


Forge Mk7 Kit

In preparation for the arrival of the new Mk7 VW Golf, Forge Motorsport has a 19-piece coolant kit designed to handle the latest OAT-formulations used in VW coolant. As a result, the hoses have a fluorosilicone lining to ensure longevity, while the hoses were also designed to withstand higher pressures and temperatures than any original equipment hose, as always. The kit is available in black, red or blue.

From $415

Volk Racing G25 Prism

Volk has a number of new wheels available, including the G25, which applies the latest forging technology to keep weight to a minimum, specifically from the back of the spokes. Offered in 18, 19, and 20" diameter, the G25 can be ordered in Prism Dark Silver or Prism Crystal White. The rainbow effect of the prism colors creates a unique color shift as light catches it.

Sportline RRX

The new Sportline RRX seat has got it all, from good looks to incredible comfort, whether on street, track, or off-road, the RRX boasts ample lateral bolster support, with the comfort of a daily driver. That comfort, style and support is pumped into every inch of the RRX, which features top of the line injection-molded foam, strategically placed bolsters for support in all the right places, and harness belt capability. Available in a black vinyl with a grey carbon-fiber vinyl contrast, RRX will fit up to a 38" waist.


PowerPak Ultra

Without even trying, we seem to be on a mission to find the best power packs for charging your electronic devices. We've found a few we liked, including the predecessor to the Trent PowerPak Ultra. However, nothing that's gone before has been able to compete with this marvel. That's because it packs a 14000mAh battery, keeping USB-based devices juiced no matter what surprise lies around the bend. Built rugged to survive most drops, the device can even be temporarily submerged in water for up to 30min without damage (providing the rubber covers are in place. This makes it the perfect accessory for outdoor trips and sports. Powerful enough to store 700% of the average smartphone's battery life and featuring a rugged exterior, the PowerPak Ultra is available in black or orange. To date, we've charged our phone five times before depleting the battery. It has twin USB outputs to simultaneously charge two phones, tablets, etc.


Car Lover's Guide to NorCal

If you're planning a trip to Northern California, or maybe you're a resident and want to check out what's around you, we recommend the Car Lover's Guide to Northern California published by Via Corsa. It's the third book in the series, following guides to Arizona and Southern Germany, and each is produced by driving enthusiasts for drivers. The NorCal book debuted at last year's Pebble Beach Concours and covers everything from Monterey Car Week to Pebble Beach, plus recommended wineries in the area, local racetracks, museums, car-themed movie locations, driving schools, rally routes and major events. We've enjoyed the series and this is another handy guide for your bookshelf. It's available from the publisher or Motorbooks International.


Hitcase Pro Case, Lens & Mount

We bring you a lot of phone cases with an array of functions, and the new Hitcase Pro seems to wrap everything into one sturdy package. The case itself is waterproof to 33ft thanks to a proper latched sealing system. It's also shockproof, and should be able to take a 6ft tumble without damage to the iPhone 4/4S or 5/5S inside (two models available). Additionally, it houses a 3x wideangle lens that appears to have excellent clarity and isn't so wide the images look cartoonish. But there's more... The case has a rail system that allows an included mount to be slid very securely onto the case. This is attached to either a tripod or the supplied StickR adhesive footing that can be stuck to any flat, non-porous surface. However, Hitcase also makes a number of other mounts that are bought separately, including the SuckR sucker mount seen here. There's even tube, rollcage and chest mounts, among others. We've been using the Hitcase and like its versatility. It does make the phone slightly bulky, and it's hard to hear people, but that's the price of protection. The buttons and screen now require a more positive push to overcome the waterproofing protection, and they advise you to open the bottom latch to allow the microphone to operate properly, but everything else works as it should. We're slightly worried about scratching the lens but there are protective caps available at extra cost. Hitcase seems to have thought of everything, including its free iPhone Vidometer app that allows you to overlay speed, altitude, g-force, etc onto your videos with several different layouts.

Hitcase $129.99, SuckR $39.99

Wren V5 speaker

Having experienced the frustration of purchasing a remote speaker to use with a phone, we've made it our mission to seek out the quality products so you can purchase with confidence, and the Wren V5 wireless speaker is one of the very best we've heard. It's packed with clever ideas, that start with a ported, braced MDF cabinet covered in either bamboo or rosewood veneers. It also has a thick silicone base to avoid vibration and eliminate unwanted noise. It uses twin 3" speakers with four-layer drivers plus a 19mm tweeter to provide crisp, clear sound with real quality. If all you listen to is hiphop or thrash metal, this might be more than you need, but if you want to hear the voices and instruments, the Wren V5 delivers genuine quality. It has USB and Aux inputs but is available in V5AP versions for Apple Airplay, or V5PF for Android users. These will sync to the device and allow streaming playback. As part of the package, if you change devices during its three-year warranty period, you can exchange the speaker for the alternative operating system for just $99. Alternatively, there's a third V5BT that will work with either device using Bluetooth. We really enjoyed the sound from the V5 and loved how it looks. This is definitely a cut above the average wireless speaker.


booq Laptop Bag

booq bags is making a name for itself with affordable, intelligent designs for modern lifestyles. The Viper Courier seen here is available for either a 13 or 15" laptop, with each costing the same. It has a protective laptop pouch inside that uses thick padding, with separate storage for an iPad, pens and a lanyard. There are two unzippered exterior pockets that allow more storage, with one side offering stiffened protection. The handles fold away and there's an attached shoulder strap made from seatbelt nylon if you prefer. The Viper is part of booq's lightweight Fibre Collection, constructed from natural fibers that are both waterproofed and organically dyed. It includes a metal plaque with a unique serial number so the bag can be returned to you if lost.


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