P3Cars vent-mounted display

Here’s another of those clever digital readouts that fit in the dashboard vent. This time it’s for the Audi R8 supercar. It has an OEM look and can display information on a variety of functions such as sprint and braking times, battery voltage plus a fault code read and clear facility. $489

Hotchkis sway bars

Made for the 2012/13 VW Golf R, the front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars combat understeer and body lean, making the Golf R a sharper drive. They’re both 1” diameter, with the front bar offering an increase in stiffness from 65% to 100% over the factory setup, depending on which setting you choose. The rear unit’s goes from 55% up to 145%. Made in the US, the bars are finished in an “anthracite” powdercoat. They also feature welded center rings, “greaseable” polyurethane bushings and heavy-duty brackets with built-in Zerk fittings for ease of maintenance. $565.80

Ballistic phone case

Waterproof, dustproof and guaranteed against damage caused by drops of up to 8ft, the new iPhone 5 case from Ballistic uses polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer materials to protect your device. It comes in a variety of colors and the company claims these cases are toddler-proof. $79.99

Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover

Water spots, those dried mineral deposits that detract from a clean car’s appearance, can be eliminated quickly and easily with Meguiar’s newest product. It works on any vehicle’s hard surfaces (such as paintwork, chrome or glass) and provides the defect correction of a compound, but the gloss enhancement of a polish. $12.99

M5 downpipes

More muscle throughout the powerband, better throttle response and no turbo lag are some of the claims Alpha Performance makes for its stainless steel downpipes designed to fit the 2012 F10 BMW M5 and F12/F13 M6. Instead of a short transition from 3.5" down to 3" that can create turbulence and disrupt flow, Alpha has opted for a smooth transition, while using factory O2 sensors, heat shielding and brackets for an OE fit. Included are all parts and hardware needed for the installation. A 300-cell race catalytic converter is also available. From $1799.95 for catless downpipes.

Forge Wastegate

Using a piston-actuated mechanism rather than the more common, but less durable, diaphragm setup means the new Forge Motorsport wastegate can cope with more horsepower and high temperatures with no loss of function. The piston body has a 44mm actuator and is made from aero-grade alloy. Other parts are stainless steel. The unit comes with inlet and outlet mating flanges, plus V-band clamps with a 360˚ boost connector. It’s suitable for all high-performance cars with forced induction. $480

Gulf Oil t-shirts

They won’t make your car any faster, but these Gulf Oil T-shirts give off a retro racing vibe. There are several designs to choose from, each featuring vintage Gulf iconography. M&P Speed Shop also has plans for Gulf Oil caps and jackets to follow. Sizes are S to XXL. From $35.

Dinan 1M Exhaust

The limited edition BMW 1 Series M Coupe was one of the hottest BMWs to hit the road in many years. The main difference was exclusivity. While you can find an M3 around nearly every corner, the 1M was something special. So Dinan wanted to enhance the experience with its new axle-back exhaust system. Constructed from 20-gauge 304 stainless steel, installation should be straightforward, and the exhaust note enhanced considerably. $TBD

Bilstein Porsche suspension

New Bilstein coilover kits offer drivers of any 997-model Porsche 911 more suspension control and lower ride heights. The B16 Damptronic setup is fully compatible with Porsche Active Stability Management, allowing changes to be made on the fly. The PSS-10 coilovers, with ten-way adjustment, are intended for cars without PASM fitted. Both options come in either Club Sport or Comfort specification, depending on your application. Ride height can be dropped 40mm lower than stock. From $4300.

Braven 855s Bluetooth speaker

Something handy to have in the workshop, at home or when traveling, the rugged Braven 855s speaker unit is 10" long and 4" tall. Made from aero-grade aluminum, the housing is wrapped in a tough, rubberized shell to make it more resilient to everyday bumps and knocks. What’s more, the 855s is water-resistant, meaning it won’t mind being left in light rain or splashed poolside, provided you’ve removed the charging cable and shut the connector door seal. Charging takes 4-6 hours from empty but, in turn, it can charge your USB devices like a phone or iPod. You can even answer phone calls using the phone button on top. To sync your Bluetooth device, simply press the play key and wait for the beep. Then pair it to your phone and play music or take calls for up to 20 hours thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery. And there’s an auto shutdown function if you leave it unused for more than 90min. Get two of these Braven speakers and you can pair them for stereo sound from two different locations. The compact speaker kicks out 20 watts of high-quality audio and we’re happy to report this isn’t one of those nasty sounding speakers you regret buying. The tone is rich, with lots of bass and will give you plenty of volume without distorting. It also has good spatial reproduction, making the audio fill the space rather than being focused in one spot. The soft-touch controls are very simple to use. The power button does what you expect, and turning it on will automatically reconnect the Bluetooth. There’s a play button that will also pause your music, plus volume buttons that can be controlled from your iPod. With the phone button completing the lineup, Braven seems to have thought of everything, and made it man-friendly by ensuring it doesn’t matter if it gets knocked over, splashed or left on. If it could cook the perfect steak we might consider marriage. This gets our thumbs up for a great design and good value. $299.99

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