GTA Super Lap Battle Details:

  • North American time attack grand finale supported by multiple tuner mags
  • Unlimited, Limited, Street and Enthusiast Classes for each drivetrain layout
  • $10,000 prize payouts and contingency prizes available
  • Rules and Safety Spec Sheets available for download

As the end of the year draws near so does the North American Time Attack grand finale. The Global Time Attack's season closer ends with the collaboration of Super Lap Battle at the benchmark time attack racetrack Buttonwillow Raceway, CA. This annual event works in conjunction with Super Street, Import Tuner, Honda Tuning, Modified and European Car magazines for total coverage of the premier time attack cars in North American. Each participant enters the track individually and attempts to complete a lap as fast as they can - it is a race against the clock. Below you will find all of the necessary details in preparation to the Thursday, November 14, 2013 event.

What is it? The North American time attack grand finale. Global Time Attack's season ends with the Global Time Attack (GTA) Super Lap Battle (SLB). GTA and SLB team up for a time attack finals at the North American benchmark time attack track Buttonwillow Raceway. Teams from the US, UK and Canada have confirmed. The FX Acura NSX and GST Subaru L plan on going head to head to fight for the over all track record.

When is it? Thursday, November 14th, 2013.

Where is it? Buttonwillow Raceway: 24551 Lerdo Highway, Buttonwillow, CA 93206

What are the Classes?
Unlimited AWD
Unlimited RWD (FR, MR, RR)
Unlimited FF
Limited AWD
Limited RWD (FR, MR, RR)
Limited FF
Street AWD
Street RWD (FR, MR, RR)
Street FF
Enthusiast AWD
Enthusiast RWD (FR, MR, RR)
Enthusiast FF

What does it cost to register? Unlimited, Limited, and Street Classes are $350. Enthusiast Class is $250. What are the rules? GTA Rules found at:

What are the tire rules? The Unlimited Class allows any DOT tire, and also allows racing slicks. The Limited Class cars must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 80 or higher. The Street Class cars must use DOT-approved treaded tires with a minimum UTQG-rating of 140 or higher. Maximum tire width is AWD: 255, RWD: 285 The Enthusiast Class uses the same tire regulations as the Street Class.

Tech Questions? For any questions on rules or classes email

Where do I sign up?

Are there prizes? Yes. Podium finishers receive plaques across all the classes. And the Unlimited, Limited, and Street Class first place winners are awarded $600. Second place finishers are awarded $200. There is no prize money for the Enthusiast Class winners, only plaques.

GTA Super Lap Battle 2013 participants will run Buttonwillow's CW13 configuration, which consists of 23 turns and is three miles long. Teams all over North America have already been confirmed for the advanced track event. By advanced we mean it's recommended that drivers with limited or no track experience should refrain from registering. Though it's not required it's recommended that drivers satisfy NASA's HPDE-3 run group requirements or something comparable.

There are four categories Unlimited, Limited, Street, and Enthusiast. Within those categories are different classes AWD, RWD, and FF. For example there is a Limited AWD, Limited RWD, and Limited FF. With an exception to the Enthusiast class, all the remaining categories have cash prizes for the first and second place winners. The person with the fastest lap of the day gets a Meister watch and $400 to take home. Break a current time attack record in the Unlimited, Limited, or Street Class and you take home $250.

In addition to the $10,000 prize payouts, Global Time Attack also offers a wide variety of racer benefits and discounts. Continental Tire is offering Racer Net Pricing on tire purchases to all GTA entrants. Discounts range from 30% to 50% off retail prices. Entrants must contact an authorized Global Time Attack representative for details on how to make a tire purchase through the Race Net Pricing program. Furthermore, Continental Tire is giving away contingency awards. To qualify for the award you must use its tires during the GTA time attack, purchase the tires through Continental Tire and GTA and display at least two Continental Tire 12x3" logos/decals on both sides of the front bumper, side skirts, front doors, or front fenders. There also must be at least 4 cars in your class. A GTA Tech steward will approve all cars entered for the awards. First place winner gets $250, second place gets $150, and third place receives $100.

You can win $300 in Spec Clutch products by simply running a Spec Clutch decal. But if you want to qualify for the SPEC clutch contingency award program you must run a SPEC Clutch performance product and use a GTA issued SPEC Clutch decal in a visible, prominent location. Poor or improper decal placement is subjected to SPEC Clutch contingency disqualification.

Whiteline also continues to be involved with GTA by offering its contingency program. You can win $300 and a sponsorship with Whiteline products for simply running a Whiteline decal. All GTA/ Shift-Sector Limited, Street, and Enthusiast Class cars (AWD, RWD, and FWD) that run the Whiteline decal will be eligible for the Whiteline product credit awards.

For a full of list of contingencies head to

*Photos from Super Street, Import Tuner, European Car archives

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