Forza 5 Filmspeed Details:

  • McLaren 12C used as ultimate camera car to create ultra-realistic gameplay
  • McLaren Automotive and Tanner Foust team up
  • World's fastest Zeotrope is captured
  • Pre-order game that launches Nov. 23, 2013

We've seen the Porsche Cayenne used repeatedly as a high-end camera car for its performance and space but using a $239,400 McLaren 12C is something new! A purpose-built HD camera rig capturing the world's fastest zoetrope is featured in the Forza Motorsport's new short film 'FilmSpeed,' attached here. The McLaren 12C, Tanner Foust and hundreds of pounds of camera equipment, are shown being driven at full racetrack speeds (120mph to be exact) in an effort to create the most realistic future Forza 5 gaming experience ever.

'Zeo-what?' you might be asking. The zoetrope was invented in 1834 by William Horner as a device that turns static pictures into moving images. Small illustrations are placed equal distance apart inside the bottom of an open drum and when spun the illustrations give the illusion of motion. As with speed comes a more fluid animation. This was demonstrated in the video, featuring hundreds of images lining the track where Foust in the 12C was able to see them come to life.

We wonder why Microsoft doesn't televise more awesome commercials likes this as opposed to its current marketing strategy but that is another matter. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes videos too. Simply breathtaking.

Pre-order Forza Motorsports 5 that will launch November, 22 2013 exclusively with the debut of Xbox One.

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