The Infiniti Red Bull Racing team made Formula One history after its win in Bahrain, when it invited its Electronic Support Group Leader Gill Jones to became the first female member of an F1 team's technical staff to appear on the podium.

"It was my 177th race, so it took me a while to get there!" Said Jones. "For me, as a personal achievement, it's brilliant, I'm really proud. I'm really pleased to be able to represent the team and also the department I work for. Again, being female as well makes it special."

Apparently, Team manager Jonathan Wheatley asked Jones to join the podium celebration after the race. "It was a massive surprise. I didn't expect it all, so I was totally unprepared," Jones explained. "I actually stood in the wrong place so halfway through they moved me across.

"Strangely, it felt quite quiet up there. You hear the anthems and the music but you don't really hear anything else. I could see where everyone was. I could tell our team was all at one side below the podium."

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