At speed, the twin-turbodiesel engine produces faint, low-frequency vibrations, a kind of trance-inducing white noise. I slept like a baby. I woke to a flashlight in the face and the unmistakable phrase "license and registration please." Lisa was getting a ticket. I pretended to be asleep while the officer did his thing. She was doing 93 mph in a 70-mph zone. A few bats of the eyelashes and her big, white smile reduced it to 79 in a 70 zone. As the cop pulled away, Lisa unleashed a string of profanity that's still resonating through Paso Robles. Apparently, it was the BMW's fault. It's too fast and too quiet and breaches the speed limit way too easy.

"This damn car wants to go 120 mph all the time," she fumed. "It's not my fault... it's the car."

Not exactly a glowing review, but we've heard worse.

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