That isn't going to happen today. I'm no longer in a playful mood, and I'm weary of this clown's hi-jinks. Highway 14 and the southern Sierras beckon. I downshift to fourth and the tach needle spikes at high noon, 5000 rpm. I stomp on the gas and six individual throttle bodies cheer me on.

See ya.

For The Love Of The Game
*If you're familiar with my work you may have noticed I'll sometimes alter images to make photos that would otherwise be impossible. For this assignment I had to take previously shot images of the truck and add them to the new photos of the BMW. Luckily I was able to get in touch with the current Duel truck owner, Dan Bruno of Saint Louis, as well as Daniel J. Linss at 10-4 Magazine who shot the truck in 2004. They were both willing and able to provide me with enough images to recreate the scenes without bringing the truck out from Missouri. What you see in this article is the work of many people to recreate images from a film loved by many and still watched by some-kind of like this magazine. I hope you were able to rekindle an old memory and quite possibly have the hell scared out of you again. If not, your consolation prize is seeing ec's long-term M one last time.-Eric Simpson

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