Most of us have been fined for speeding at some point and moaned about how much it cost us. But a 37-year-old caught by police driving his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG on a Switzerland highway-at 180 mph-was slapped with a fine of $1 million (actually, 1.08 million Swiss francs, but it spells o-u-c-h in any currency). It's a world record, so that's something. Apparently, the Swiss don't have a fixed rate of fines, but take the offender's salary as well as speed into account. The car was also impounded at a rate of about $3,500 a day. The top speed for the SLS AMG is a claimed 197 mph. Poor guy should buy a Golf TDI. He could still break the speed limit, but should save some cash on the fuel bills.

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