Rolls-Royce Phantom VIBentley Continental Gt
Where BuiltPainted/assembled at Goodwood facility near Chichester, West Sussex England, UK; Panels and Components created in Germany; interiors crafted at GoodwoodAssembled at Crewe, Cheshire, England, UK; engine also fully assembled in Crewe;paintedbodies shipped from Mosel, Germany; most components created in Germany before hand;interiors crafted at crewe"
Yearly Build Goal10005000
Hours To Build One250150
Body/Frame MaterialsAluminum & composite body with; aluminum spaceframce structure; magnesium bulkheadsAluminum body with some magnesium;
steel/cast-iron frame
EngineAluminum naturally aspirated 6749cc 48-valve quad-cam direct-injection V12Aluminum 5998cc 48-valve quad-cam bi-turbo (KKK Warner)W12 w/port fuel injection
Borexstroke92.0mm x 84.6mm84.0mm x 90.2mm
Power453 bhp @ 5350 rpm552 bhp @ 6100 rpm
Torque531 lb-ft @ 3500 rpm479 lb-ft @ 1600-6000 rpm
Redline5750 rpm6300 rpm
Compression Ratio11:019.5:1
Engine Oil Capacity8.98 quarts13.19 quarts
Curb Weight2495kg/5,489 lb2385kg/5258lb
Pounds per Horse12.12 lb:1 bhp9.53 lb:1 bhp
TransmissionShift-by-wire ZF 6HP32 six-speed auto; rwdZF six-speed sequential auto-manual w/Torsen dif; awd
Final-drive Ratio3.463.52
Length5834mm/229.7 in.4804mm/189.1 in.
Width1990mm/78.3 in.1918mm/75.5 in.
Height1632mm/64.3 in.1390mm/54.7 in.
Wheelbase3750mm/140.6 in.2745mm/108.1 in.
Track, f/r1685mm/1670mm 66.3 in./65.7 in.1623mm1607mm 63.9 in.163.3 in.
Turning Circle13.8m/45.3ft11.4m/37.4 ft
Drag Cd0.380.32
Mfr. 0-60mph Time5.7 sec.4.7 sec
Top Speed240 kph/149mph318 kph/198 mph
Base Price In Us $$321,000 $149,990
Trunk Space460L/16.2 cu ft370L/13.1 cu ft
Wheels22-in. Michelin Pax19-in.
TiresMichelin PaxPirelli 275/40ZR
Brakes Ventilated discs: front, 374mm/14.7 in.;
rear, 370mm/14.6in.
Ventilated discs: front, 405mm/15.9 in;
rear,335mm/13.2 in.
SuspensionFront: unequal length control arms;
Rear:multilink; self-leveling airsprings
Front: four-link independent;
Rear: multilink; self-leveling airsprings
Fuel Capacity100L/26.42 gal.90L/23.78 gal.
Combined Mpg (Us)14.82 mpg14 mpg
Range Per Tank (Combined)391.5 miles332.9 miles
Designed By/WhereIan Cameron; Marek Djordjevic, Exterior Chief;
Charles Coldham, Interior Chief; In Downtown London
Dirk Van Braekel, Project & Exterior Chief;
Robin Page, Interior Chief; In Crewe
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