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I thought I finally found a decent magazine that doesn't go with the usual clichs and immature language some magazines tend to express. But then I read February's Resonator column... what do you exactly mean by "Euro-trash?" The best-built cars and car innovations come from Europe, and Germany in particular. You reflect this with passion in your magazine, which makes it a pleasure to read. Why do you have to spoil it by using that term?

The country that produces the most waste and uses the most world resources is still the USA-call it "American-trash" if you like. Europe was going green decades before the USA even bothered thinking about the rest of the world and the planet's future. To me, "made in Europe" and especially "made in Germany" still means reliable, solid, and innovative products. From a country that has a history of wasting resources like there's no tomorrow, producing poorly efficient and sloppy built cars and vehicles like the USA, as well as other industrial waste, it's time to start looking in the mirror, and stop pointing fingers to other countries in our globalized world. In the future I would like to be spared from comments like "Euro-trash" in your publication, which I have been enjoying very much so far. Do you think you can manage that?Oliver N.
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Going out on a limb, I'd say no offense was intended by using this particular phrase. Seems to me it was used playfully, a term of endearment if you will, given the fact that this magazine is written about European cars, for European car enthusiasts, by European car enthusiasts. But we appreciate the feedback in any case.--KF

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