Sit your Aston Down

Aston Martin’s automotive interiors are undeniably posh, so it is to be expected that the company’s home furnishings would be equally, if not more, inviting to your sitting parts. Take this chaise lounge for example. The monocoque carbon frame, the padding affixed to the body with leather-covered elastic belts, the subtle aluminum touches. You’d feel bad sitting in it wearing anything less than a tuxedo.
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Aural Fixation

Thinksound’s ts01 Sport 10mm high-definition headphones are ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle. The tangle-resistant cord and silicone ear inserts ensure they stay put no matter how rigorous your workout, while handcrafted wood housings give a very dynamic soundstage; the highs, mids and bass come through in equal measure. The 3.5mm gold-plated plug will mate up with various devices, including iPod/iPhones, MP3 players and computers. Each set of ’phones comes with flexible ear hooks and four sizes of silicone ear inserts so you can get a comfortable fit—and the best possible sound quality.
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Green (and Red) with Envy

It might seem an incongruous pairing of brands, Gucci being all about suave, panache and living large, as it were, and this particular Fiat being a shade larger than a shopping cart. But iconic Italian brands they both are, so there you have it. The Gucci/Fiat 500 celebrates the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, Gucci’s 90th anniversary, and curiously coincides with the carmaker’s reentrance into the U.S. market, where this particular red-and-green-striped model will of course be available.
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Pole Dance

You may have taken some pretty sweet trips over the years—ran with the bulls, drove the ’Ring, blacked out at Oktoberfest. But we bet you’ve never done anything like this trip offered by Abercrombie & Kent: The South Pole, Conquering the Final Degree. Ski the vast and surreal lunar-like landscapes of windswept ice and snow, pulling your equipment on sleds and sleeping in tents, until you finally arrive at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, where you’ll join an elite group of only a few hundred ever to arrive at this point on foot.
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Virtually There

There are decent peripheral racing/gaming seats, even great ones, and then there’s the VRX iMotion 3D Full Motion Racing Simulator, which is just plain silly. It has a five-speaker Bose sound system, customizable Clubsport racing pedals, Sparco racing seat, CNC-machined aluminum bracket and parts, and motion effects, meaning the seat takes cues from whatever game you’re playing, and uses its motion-generating system to throw you around accordingly. The fact that it works with Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii certainly doesn’t hurt.
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Mors Ab Alto

You know, a lot of mountain bikes claim toughness—it’s kind of a big selling point. This one is used by the Marines. Who jump out of planes. From the sky. This 24-speed foldable bike was developed and designed to allow airborne soldiers to drop out of airplanes and helicopters into combat. Let that sink in. Then realize it’s only $800. You might just pay more out of sheer respect.
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