Shoot to Kill

It wouldn’t really be apt to call this the Ferrari of cameras. The Hasselblad of Ferraris? Not so much. More like a mating of two of the most iconic and high-end brands out there, and the result is the H4D Ferrari Limited Edition medium-format camera, better than the best of the best. Specs are still sketchy, as is pricing (safe to say it’ll be stratospheric), but just look at it. That is one sexy beast. And that’s all you really need to know.

Cephalopod Suave

In these dark days of "workers’ rights" and child labor laws, it’s more important than ever to terrify your underlings into quick and unwavering submission. And there’s no better way to do that than by sitting on a throne that would give Darth Vader nightmares. If you’re an ambitious, up-and-coming evil overlord, or just a boss who doesn’t like to be approached, this is the chair for you.
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Supercar Pedigree

This certainly isn’t the first carbon-fiber table. It is, however, the best. To this point it’s been, "carbon fiber is so in right now, let’s just slap it on whatever crap we can," with little care given to quality. But this table is different. Its creator is Phil Frank, who designed the Saleen S7, so you could say he knows what he’s doing. Jump on this one if you want a piece of design history, because like so many things awesome, only 100 will be produced.

See Ya Later, Alligator

You’ve bought arguably the most superfluous gadget this side of a hybrid SUV, so why not stick to that trend and spend an inordinate amount of money on the required cover? Currently holding the title of most expensive iPad cover on the market is the authentic alligator iPad case from boutique designer and supplier to the stars, David August. No, you don’t need the case, but come on, you didn’t really need that iPad either.

Model Citizen

If you think about it, this 1:8 scale Ferrari 458 Italia model is a steal. The real deal will set you back $245,000 give or take, with an eighth of that price coming in around $31k. So at only $5,600, this is a deal and a half! Granted you can’t, you know, drive it. But you can take smug satisfaction in knowing that you have only one of 100 made, and that each model took 3,500 hours to complete.

Stuttgart Style

This chain-mail-esque leather jacket could have gone all kinds of wrong if done by a manufacturer of less repute. But because the boys from Stuttgart gave it a whirl, the result is nothing short of phenomenal. The unique carbon-fiber look is reached by weaving the finest Napa leather, by hand, in Germany, so Porsche’s claim of "high-quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship" is quite the understatement.

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