Leather Daddy
In the 1964 International Six Day Enduro motorcycle race, Steve McQueen--movie star, racer, and all-around badass--wore this very jacket. Now dubbed the Vintage International, the jacket, made by Barbour of England, is an exact replica of those worn by motorcycle riders back in the day. Chances are you’ll never be as cool as Mr. McQueen or as tough as anyone who competed in the ISDE, but it never hurts to look the part.

Up in Your Grille
These decanters are expensive, yes. But compared to the real thing, they’re a steal. The set contains five decanters that are modeled after the radiator grilles of classic Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti, MB and Jaguar models, and are fashioned to scale with original materials like chrome and glass. Insanely overpriced liquor like Courvoisier L’Esprit or Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac not included. Though if you’re in the market for a decanter like this, you obviously have a taste for the finer things.

Your first thought when looking at this helmet might be something like, That looks just like a fighter pilot’s helmet. And, in a way, you’d be right. French helmet maker Roof has come up with a fiberglass shell so strong and versatile, it’s double certified for both motorcyclists and pilots. You know, if you get one of those Porsche sleds, go ahead and pick up one of these helmets, too. Your noggin will thank you.

Snow Speeder
Like all things Porsche, this sled is made to go insanely fast. But unlike the rest of the company’s products, however, this one has no brakes. But at only $225, it might be too tempting to pass up. Just don’t go putting any non-caloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant on the bottom of it, or you could end up in a world of hurt, àla Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation. You’ve been warned.

Mr. Ferrari’s Opus
Opus is not a book; it’s a concerto, says Ferrari’s Creative Advisor Antonio Ghini. That alone should tell you it won’t come cheap. Then there’s the limited run of 400. Price and rarity aside, this book is amazing. It’s got never-before-seen archive images from Ferrari’s long history, rare shots of Enzo Ferrari’s villa, photo essays2,000 images in all. Add to that the signatures of all living Ferrari champion drivers, and you probably won’t be seeing it in your local library.

Alfa Dog
To celebrate Alfa Romeo’s 100th anniversary and Chopard’s 150th, the two manufacturers of high-end schwag got together and created a stunning line of commemorative watches. Not surprisingly, they’re full of fancy goods, like chronometer-certified, self-winding movements and 46-hour power reserves, and are protected by glare-proof sapphire crystals. Each model is limited to only 500 pieces, and all come with the Dunlop-inspired rubber wristbands.

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