The Final Frontier
For a photography nerd, cameras don't get much cooler than a Hasselblad. Unless, of course, it's a Hasselblad built for space exploration. Bid on a piece of NASA history-and not just some crappy moon rock. Unfortunately, this particular model never made it to space, but on the plus side, it's still in its original packaging. Buy it now, and who knows? You could be taking shots on the first official commercial space flight-if that ever actually happens.

Salt of the Earth
We feature a lot of sunglasses here, and for good reason. There are just so damn many good-looking pairs out there. But these here are special. Not too flashy, not too modern, not too retro. Clean, architectural lines and a modern geometric shape make these acetate and titanium frames, dubbed The Dafoe, masculine and clean. They're just right.

A Clean Slate
With all the rage over the iPad, the poor Microsoft Surface, actually introduced a couple of years back, was all but forgotten. But it deserves another look. For starters, you can use it like a regular table. It's that big. Put plates and glasses on it; even spills aren't a problem, it won't judge you. Essentially, it's a multi-touch computer able to respond to natural hand gestures-grab digital content with your hands and interact with it on-screen. It can also recognize certain objects placed on its, er, surface. Put a digital camera on there, and it immediately starts extracting pictures.

What a tool (chest)
Your expensive tools aren't happy with you. You spend all that time and care in choosing them, and then chuck them in some crappy metal box? Get yourself a Gerstner-tool chests with a reputation for unmatched excellence and craftsmanship. All Gerstner pieces are handmade in the U.S., and have been since the company began over a century ago. Wood options include golden oak, American cherry, maple and more.
$500 and up

Your typical stationary bike is nothing short of fugly. If you have one, chances are it's hidden away, and probably isn't used too often. The Ciclotte represents one of those rare instances where form blends beautifully with function. Steel, carbon fiber and glass are all used in a stunningly minimalist design. It looks so good, maybe you won't be ashamed to have it out in your house. At this price, though, you'd better be committed to shedding those pounds. Otherwise it's just an expensive, albeit badass, piece of art.

Batman's skateboard
Did you know that the owner of Segway died just a couple months back after driving his Segway off a cliff in England? No joke. Not to make light of such a tragedy, but had the man been piloting one of these bad boys, he might still be with us today. The DTV Shredder, originally developed for military use, is a beastly monster. With its tank-like tracks, it can tackle all types of terrain, including snow, sand and mud. It can reach 30 mph and can cruise up inclines of up to 40 degrees.

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