So you’ve just left the Audi dealer in your new R8. You’ve worked hard for this day, put in countless hours. You deserve it, dammit. You’ve pretty much got the world by the balls right now and everyone is going to know it.

Of course, no one told those two R8s a few miles back. As they close on your six, a quick stab of the throttle should leave them behind, at least make them keep their distance. You’re the man after all, an Audi R8 man.

Something’s wrong. You’ve firewalled the pedal and these guys are getting closer. The pair blow by with power to spare. The world relaxes as you release your grip. You start weeping with the sudden realization you’re just an everyday Joe again. It’s not fair. You’re driving an Audi R8 after all.

No matter how brutal the beast, there’s always another capable of unseating it. In regard to the pair on these pages, two methods of forced induction left these cars with enough grunt to make a stock R8 seem rather pedestrian.

While few would consider the 420-hp R8 underpowered, there is a select group who need more, significantly more. Currently there are two proven methods to wrest more power from the 4.2-liter Audi mill: turbocharging or supercharging. Both methods are effective and offer their own unique driving experience. Should the factory ever decide to force-feed the V8-powered R8, it’s anyone’s guess on which method they’d choose. Audi has explored both to great effect.

Stasis Engineering and technology partner VFE have been at the forefront of forced induction development for nearly a decade. VFE supercharging systems have ranged the full gamut, everything from VR6 Corrados to V8 Spykers. Working closely with the crew at VFE, Stasis supercharging systems blend hammer-like durability with a 30-45 percent power increase. Oh yeah, and Stasis guarantees it you’ll be happy with the results, fours years/50,000 miles worth of happy.

We have been working with Nik Saran at VFE since the R8 was first introduced says Henry Hsu, lead engineer for Stasis. A lot of testing went into this system, a lot of development.

It possessed the kind of robust durability Stasis demands in its products. Using our highly detailed manual, an Audi tech can install the system in a mere 16 hours.

Available at more than 55 Stasis dealerships throughout North America, Hsu trains R8-certified Audi mechanics to install and service the supercharger system at Audi dealerships. As a former lead engineer for Porsche Motorsport, Hsu relocated to Stasis headquarters in West Virginia.

It’s a little different than Southern Cali, but our facility is on Summit Point Raceway which is awesome for testing. And we are just 40 minutes from Audi’s corporate offices so the location makes sense.

Like its predecessors, the Stasis R8 supercharger system is engineered to deliver a substantial performance boost from a genuine bolt-on system. Using the proven Magnuson/Eaton roots-type charger, CAD-designed manifolds and mounting systems, high-efficiency intercoolers/charge coolers and superbly coded GIAC software, you’d be hard-pressed to differentiate an idling Stasis-equipped R8 from a stock vehicle. In addition to retaining excellent low-speed drivability, the VFE R8 delivers a stunning punch to the torque curve. A few tics over 2000 rpm and this car is putting down 250 lb-ft of twist, 140 more lb-ft than a stock R8. Keep pushing and by 4500 rpm you’ll see 436 lb-ft with a maximum 539 hp realized at 7350 rpm. To deal with the newfound power, OEM Plus swapped the clutch and flywheel with a V10 unit, an upgrade that bolts right in.

Hard-core Audi enthusiast Bill Vogel sent his Ibis White R8 to Stasis Engineering where it was outfitted with the supercharger system.

The car has been absolutely perfect, said Vogel. I track this R8 quite a bit and it behaves brilliantly. I think that says something about the Stasis supercharger system. It’s the same during regular street driving as well. This R8 behaves just like a stock vehicle, only faster.

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