Around The Clock
Itay Noy is an artist in the truest sense of the word. He studied jewelry design at Jerusalem's Bezelel Academy, and later learned industrial design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in Holland, where he received a Masters. His watches are unusual, but strangely intriguing (like the Duality collection piece pictured here). At first glance they may seem a bit pricey, but considering Noy personally makes each watch by hand, and each collection is limited to only 99 pieces, they're a (relative) steal.

Table For One
Maybe you're not from the greatest state in the Union (we might be a tad biased), but you can surely appreciate the stellar design of J. Rusten's California table. It's made from salvaged Claro walnut and Western Big Leaf Maple (Both CA-native, of course), and is finished with a hand-rubbed, low-toxic Tung Oil. You sit comfortably at the CA/NV border, and the Bay Area acts as a nifty cord hider. You wish your state had its own table.

On the Road Again
Gone is the golden era of travel, when men and women would don their Sunday best for plane rides, when there were still feelings of adventure and excitement about flying, and when your luggage, with its scuffs, scratches, and stickers, told the stories of your globetrotting. With unsurpassed build quality and a decidedly British feeling, these suitcases, by Hackett of England, hearken back to those olden days. They're available in all kinds of colors (including British Racing Green), with a grip of lining options, too.
From $750

Night Rider
Tag Heuer's new Squadra glasses feature "-0.25 diopter ophthalmic lenses and an oleophobic, anti-reflective treatment." Translated, it means they help your peepers see better while you're driving at night. And they've got some major cred to back up that claim-at this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans, Audi again took the top prize, and just guess what all the drivers were wearing. So maybe you're not on the same level as a Le Mans racer, but it's always fun to pretend.

Billiard Bling
You may be thinking to yourself, "That's beautiful and all, but glass can't possibly have the same rolling characteristics as felt." Well, you've got some attitude, don't you? Nottage Design covered its pool table's playing surface with a transparent resin called Vitrik, which allows the balls to act as they would on traditional billiard cloth. Another twist: When a ball is sunk, it travels under the glass on a series of rails, ending up with the others on the table's handsome side rack.

Got a Light?
St. Dupont lighters have a lot going for them-their Parisian pedigree, stunning design, and coolest of all, their signature "ping" opening sound. They're available in all kinds of fancy-pants materials, like gold, silver, brass, ivory, tortoiseshell and crocodile skin, and are carried by big-time players. You know, maharajas, kings, emperors, ec staff.
From $1,700

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