And speaking of gauges, I see the temps are up-it's time to explore the deeper regions of the 8k tach. Revs build with eager smoothness to 4800, when full fury explodes onto the helpless pavement. A raucous WRC orchestra erupts and I'm suddenly possessed by Walter Rohrl clawing at Pike's Peak. While the cabin soundtrack is aural nirvana, it is trounced with WOT blowby; the sounds emitted on approach are saturated with the whistle/whine/whoosh of a thousand phone books shredded in unison. The approach onslaught is frightfully vanquished by the cacophony of a futuristically-tuned Rally Acropolis exhaust bellow upon its exit from your view, leaving you quivering in a babbling, nonsensical, does-not-compute disbelief of how and why a near-4,000-pound old-man sedan just defied physics, reality, normalcy.

Rev-limiter a must, but not a pedestrian limiter here, no. Rudak's programmed in a "soft limiter," cutting a cylinder out at a time per rpm increment so as to avoid the ungainly brick-wall party foul. Overtly evident is the State of Tune that Jones of S-Line, Rudak of Apikol, and Shadzi of 034 have endowed in symbiotic synergy. We're talking OEM smooth, refined, willing, capable. With these extreme thresholds exploited in excess I keep expecting a hiccup or sputter in protest... there aren't.

Feedback through the perforated leather wheel is achieved by a corner-weighted alignment with 2.5 front camber made possible by Dave Stone coilovers and spherical bearing camber/caster plates. The geometry is also atypical of a C4-chassis Audi, whose excuse for geometry is more stagecoach than sport sedan. Custom-valved Koni dual adjustable shocks fill Hyper Coil springs, and turn-in is assured by a 28mm S6 Plus front antiroll bar and a custom 28mm three-way-adjustable custom rear bar. The ensemble is shockingly comfortable, impressive considering its performance envelope.

Feeding in a full size-ten of middle pedal, the leather/Alcantara Sparco Milanos hold me firmly yet comfortably and Cayenne Turbo front calipers arrest my debauchery with 355mm two-piece rotors and Apikol hats and brackets. Dance partners for the big yellow fronts are 993 Turbo rear calipers on 314mm rotors, a major C4-chassis feat considering the rear calipers double as the E-brake. The best part of the equation is the brake dive that isn't, a trait of all modded Ur-Ss I've heretofore driven.

Control being nothing without vision, Euro headlight lenses and xenon lows are accompanied by 100W highs, clear corners, and an alluring full Euro array in the rear. The levels of power quickly overwhelm Kosei K3 18s wheels shod with Bridgestone RE11s. To the obvious inquiry, Maguire is quick to retort with two words: "wide-body." As it sits, wider rubber simply doesn't fit.

In spite of the potential lack of traction, Apikol has even bestowed upon it Launch Control. An oxymoron of sorts-Launch Control is anything but. Retarding ignition timing and allowing for all of the 33psi to build at redline-at a standstill...

Save a seat at the asylum for Hap; it appears he's been living in and around the oxygen-challenged Mile High City entirely too long.

By Paul Krasusky
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