1993 Audi S4

Longitudinal front engine, all-wheel drive

2.5-liter I5, dohc, 20-valve. Wiseco pistons, Carrillo rods, ported head, titanium valves and retainers, heavy duty springs, port-matched intake manifold, S-Line Motorsport custom camshafts and tubular exhaust manifold, 034 adjustable cam pulley and engine mounts, Innovative F272 "triple ceramic" BB turbo, SX external fuel pump with Fuelab adjustable regulator and 2,000cc injectors, Tial wastegate, Garrett intercooler with Apikol end tanks and Tial BOV, NOS serpentine FMIC spray bar, custom aluminum radiator, Earl's oil cooler, Magnaflow exhaust, 034 standalone engine management and Stage II ECU

CRB six-speed manual. 034 mounts and flywheel, Apikol shift kit, Southbend custom clutch, Stasis Torsen center diff

Dave Stone coilovers with Hyperco springs and custom Koni dual-adjustable dampers, Stone camber/caster plates, 28mm front antiroll bar, 28mm adjustable antiroll bar

OEM Porsche Cayenne Turbo calipers, 355mm cross-drilled rotors, custom hats and brackets (f), OEM Porsche 993 Turbo calipers, 314mm cross-drilled rotors, custom hats and brackets (r), braided stainless lines, Textar pads

Wheels and Tires
Kosei K3, 8.5x18
Bridgestone RE11, 255/35

Kamei grille with RS2 rings, European head- and taillights

Sparco Milano seats, Sparco harnesses and pedals, Audi Sport steering wheel, European shift knob, Innovative wideband air/fuel meter, Autometer EGT and boost/vacuum A-pillar meters

Peak Power: 674 hp
Peak Torque: 591 hp
*Owner data, claimed at wheels

By Paul Krasusky
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