Since these cars are known to boil the stock system under hard track use (think plastic reservoir soufflé), the original power steering has been removed in its entirety and replaced with an electric-assist unit from a GT3 RSR. The control unit was installed up front beneath the boot lid along with a lightweight Braille battery. With a lighter BBI underdrive pulley further slowing down accessory operations, this upgrade alone was able to net some 10 hp throughout the powerband. (The BBI pulley is good for a claimed 8 whp by itself.)

The exhaust from the catalysts back was replaced with BBI's own lightweight, ceramic-coated construct. It's designed with a signature X-pipe just in front of the dual central exits to help merge exhaust pulses and smooth flow. According to Seely, the X-pipe also has the added benefit of giving the car a little more aural drama with a high-pitched scream at high rpm. "Higher in the revs it starts to wail," he says. "It's not necessarily a characteristic Porsche sound... but there it is."

Additional preventative upgrades include a GT3 air/oil separator on the intake tract to prevent oil from seeping into the induction stream under heavy-load corners, and a third central radiator core (taken from the PDK Cayman) behind the front bumper cover.

The array of upgrades was significant enough to begin throwing engine fault codes when the ECU's torque-limiting parameters began freaking out. BBI turned matters over to Todd Knighton at Protomotive, who has experience in these matters.

With the custom code grafted into the computer, the car now puts down an estimated 300 hp and change at the tires. This goes to the pavement via a custom Guard limited-slip diff. And since output levels like this are liable to start causing hell with the gearbox, a custom internal build has been scheduled, as well as further diff upgrades, to preclude breakage.

Jan's knowledge and skill have progressed alongside his Cayman, to the point now that he's offering his own suggestions on what to upgrade next. And his enthusiasm has only grown; he was reportedly spotted at his last lap session literally bouncing off the tarmac with excitement.

Definitely our kind of guy.

2007 Porsche Cayman S

Longitudinal mid engine, rear-wheel drive

3.4-liter flat six, dohc, 24-valve. GT3 RSR electric power steering unit, Braille battery, GT3 air/oil separator, 997 S intake manifold, IPD competition plenum with 997 GT3 throttle body, cold air intake, auxiliary center radiator, BBI underdrive pulley, BBI exhaust with center-exit X-pipe, Protomotive software

Six-speed manual. B&M short shifter, Aasco flywheel, Sachs sport clutch, Guard limited-slip differential

JRZ double-adjustable dampers, Hyperco main springs with Swift helpers, Tarett Engineering front camber plates, GT3 front antiroll bar, Tarett rear antiroll bar, Tarett drop links, 997 GT3 RSR front and rear control arms, Tarett rear toe links

BBI braided stainless lines, Pagid yellow pads, GT3 Cup lower brake ducts

Wheels and Tires
HRE P40, 19-inch
Michelin Pilot Sport PS2

Factory aero kit, exterior aluminum package, ZunSport front grilles

BBI bolt-in chrome-moly roll hoop with removable X-brace, Cobra Suzuka carbon/Alcantara seats, Schroth six-point harnesses, GT3 steering wheel, Alcantara shift boot, handbrake, armrest

Peak Power: 310 hp
*BBI est. at the wheels

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