ec: The ALMS race at Long Beach was run to a shorter time than the usual rounds but still required pit stops. The Challenge is a flat-out sprint. Again, adjustments you had to make, for yourself and your pit crew.
JS: With two drivers in the ALMS race, we each did approximately one hour of driving, so it was just like a World Challenge sprint race. When I got in, there was about 45 minutes to go, so I just had to go flat out the rest of the way.

ec: The layout on the street circuit is both short and tight, with only a few places for overtaking safely, although the action tends to be everywhere. In a mixed class, is concentration a given?
JS: No question. With walls inches away from your entry and exit points, you have to be extremely precise in your line. There's no room for error.

ec: What will remain at the forefront of your participation in both events and the results from the weekend?
JS: We continue to learn from each event within ALMS competition since there's more than just car preparation that comes into play. Teamwork during pit stops and strategy throughout become a big part of the race. With World Challenge, we know it's just flat out and we set the car up to run 50 minutes at 100 percent.

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