Deploying that level of power and torque in all conditions would be asking a lot of any rival German super saloon, and this is the reason Porsche wrote AWD into the Panamera script from day one. Divide 580 hp by four, and you have a mere 145 horses going through each big Pirelli P Zeros. So even with the elevated outputs, the Oakley Panamera Turbo scythes fluidly into bends, holding a near flat cornering attitude with immaculate body control all the way. With boost rising rapidly as throttle input passes its apex, this big car simply rockets out the other side with a NASCAR-grade roar emanating from its four big exhausts.

The supreme refinement of the factory Panamera Turbo robs you of the kind of emotion you get from a GT3 RS when you are simply out for a fun drive. But Oakley's Panamera adds that something extra to get enthusiast blood stirring. And if you care to roll down a window as you accelerate through a tunnel, the spine tingling thunder of its V8 soundtrack bouncing off the walls makes you want to turn around and do it again.

Even before it was launched, the initial design drawings of the Oakley Design Panamera created a lot of interest amongs potential customers. Sight of the first car in the UK really ramped things up, and a couple of high profile sports personalities in the UK and Spain were the first to put down their money for the limited-edition cars.

"We're launching it as a limited edition of 10 complete cars," Oakley says. "You can also buy the individual parts separately in any combination you like. But even if you were to duplicate the limited car in every other respect, it wouldn't be one of the 10."

Who is oakley design? The man behind Oakley Design is Jon Oakley. He's not yet world famous as a Porsche tuner, but he is a very quick test and race driver, which is a good place to start, especially as his speciality is setting up cars for some well known road and race teams.

While the name may leave you scratching your head, it should be pointed out that this totally car-tuning oriented business bears no relationship to the famous Oakley eyewear firm of American origin. The two companies have a mutually beneficial cross promotion agreement, but are not related in any way.

"Oakley Design was born in a roundabout sort of way," Oakley explains. "I had been working with specialist car manufacturers as a test driver for several years, gaining experience with many types of high performance cars, particularly in the areas of suspension and aerodynamics.

Then one day back in 2005 I was at a test track doing demo laps in a Porsche when a wealthy enthusiast came up to me and suggested I start my own company to tune Porsches," Oakley says.

"It was not something I had considered before, but when I thought about it, I realized that I held one piece of the puzzle in the form of the hard-won knowledge it takes to make a car handle, steer and stop better than standard."

And so, in the winter of 2005, Oakley Design was born.

"The first car we developed was the 997 GT3, which received great acclaim in the press and with our customers," Oakley says. Being hard-core enthusiast oriented, Oakley Design concentrates on GT2 and GT3 cars. The Panamera is the third model in the Oakley Design range, and like the stock version, it perfectly fits the bill for Porsche enthusiasts with a family. -IK

Oakley Design Panamera

Longitudinal front engine, all-wheel drive

4.8-liter V8, dohc, 32-valve. Sport air filters, titanium sport exhaust, ECU remap

Seven-speed PDK automated manual

Lowering springs

OEM PCCB assemblies

Wheels and Tires
Dymag magnesium/carbon wheels, 20-inch Pirelli P Zero

Oakley Design front spoiler lip, side skirts, rear wing and diffuser

Carbon trim kit, kick panels

Peak Power: 580 hp
Peak Torque: 656 lb-ft
0-60 mph: 3.8 sec.

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