Show trends featured a lot of matte paint, and, thankfully, only a smattering of chrome and bling. Unfortunately, some vinyl “paint jobs” were spotted. There were plenty of E46 and E92s, and quite a few E60 and E39 M5s but not too many first-gen M3s, M5s or M6s. Forced induction showed up big, with a gang of superchargers by VF Engineering, Gintani, ESS Tuning and a twin-supercharged G-Power M6 also on display. Horsepower Freaks of Portland, represented the turbocharged contingent with cars putting out anything from 600 to 1000hp.

Making its debut was Vorsteiner’s GTR S3. Based on an M3 and painted a menacing matte army green, the kit features gargantuan fender flares and the tasteful stylistic touches the company has quickly become known for. Under the hood is a VF Engineering supercharger kit for the 4.0-liter V8. Utilizing mostly carbon fiber, the kit will be limited to 100 to maintain exclusivity.

There’s an off-chance that MFest might not stay solely in Vegas as Naguit is pondering another event in SoCal just to appease those who missed out or he might turn M Fest into a bi-annual event. Whichever the case, M Fest has solidified itself as a gearhead’s Club Med for those who bleed BMW blue and white don’t want to miss.

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