Joe Fabiani's 1987 Porsche 930 Flachbau
There were a few ways you knew you had made it in the '80s. You'd jet to Europe on a supersonic passenger airplane. You had your stock portfolio anchored in blue-chip hairspray manufacturers. Or maybe you made telephone calls from your car using a gigantic electronic brick known as a "cellular."

Or, if you really were a badass, your car was this: a Porsche 930 with the factory-installed Flachbau (Slantnose) option, which completely reinvented the standard wide-eyed 911 front end with one derived from the menacing, ground-scraping, belouvered 935 racecar that dominated its class racing venues from 1976 to 1981.

By most accounts, in those days (and some would argue even to the modern day) the 911 Turbo "Slant" (or Slope) was-strictly using a technical term-"The Shit." The Flachbau option was an expensive one because it entailed a complete re-fabrication of the car's front quarter sections by hand. The option could theoretically be applied to lesser non-Turbo 911s, but since the modification was so costly-cars equipped in this fashion could supposedly command price premiums of more than 50 percent over the standard cost-most customers would opt for the top-tier turbocharged model as their starting point. Although shadetree face conversions were rampant both during and after the 935's competitive tenure, few factory-sanctioned Flachbau conversions were built and these cars command a significant premium even today.

This one is owned and operated by Fabspeed Motorsports in Ambler, Pa., East Coast high-performance tuning house with a penchant for hardware born out of Zuffenhausen. Founder and president Joe Fabiani has been an active participant in PCA driver education and club racing for the last two decades. He acquired this car about three years ago and the Fabspeed crew has been slowly and carefully restoring it since that time, turning it back to showroom-floor spec along with a raft of well-placed performance modifications.

Engine work began with engine disassembly from the heads inward, cracking open the crankcase, and commencing with removal and inspection of all internals. The innards were then reassembled with new rod bolts and bearings. This done, the flat six was buttoned back up with new piston rings and each end capped off with reconditioned heads. Additionally, all external metal was carefully detailed to give it a factory-fresh, off-the-lot look a la 1987.

Fabspeed undertook the same process with the gearbox, first disassembling it and inspecting all internals, replacing any compromised components, sealing it back up, and detailing the exterior in similar fashion as the engine for a like-new finish.

With the basic power unit bulletproofed and screwed back together, external performance additions were considered. First on the list was preserving the vital oil supply, the temperature control system augmented with an additional oil cooler from Patrick Motorsports and new adapter lines to link it to the existing right rear OEM (930S) oil cooler. The heart of the performance matter is a K27S turbo, a popular upgrade for this engine. This turbine assembly was paired with Fabspeed's proprietary MAXFLO third-generation headers with F1 Indy car-style merge collectors and a cast turbo collector, along with a Fabspeed MAXFLO sport exhaust.

On the cool side, induction begins with a signature Fabspeed MAXFLO Cup-style intake system. The intake charge is chilled with a massive Kokeln intercooler unit and piped through a bored and port-matched intake manifold interfacing with 38mm billet intake blocks. Throughout the build, all turbo oil feed lines were replaced, as was the fuel distributor unit and all fuel lines. Last, to take advantage of the bigger flow coming through the punched-out intake tracts and K27S charger, the cylinder heads were endowed with a hotter set of 964 cams. All this is good for 397 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque as measured at the rear wheels on the Fabspeed dyno.

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