That's all it is, a shuffling underfoot as the car sorts itself out, and driving it sideways would be another story altogether. Contending with AWD constantly shifting the goalposts and the knife-edge grip of the Michelins would take more skill than I and most mere mortals possess. To truly break traction, rather than nibble at it in bends, the speeds would have to be insane since this car on these tires offers stupendous traction at any rational speed.

With this kind of power it would be reckless to leave the brakes alone, so the MTM car comes with a monster set of 380mm stoppers all around. That's 20mm bigger than the stock stoppers on a Lambo LP560-4 in a car weighing 100 pounds less. That's more than good enough to gouge more holes in the road when it's time to stop, and with heat in the Michelins nothing short of a catch net will do the job better.

Roland Mayer has taken the mildly disappointing TT RS and turned it into a car that's fit to wear the badge. The Prodigal Son has returned and, like the father figure, Mayer has welcomed it home with open arms. Its big brother R8, though, might not be so happy to see it back.


Transverse front engine,all-wheel drive

2.5-liter I5, dohc, 20-valve. MTM Motronic software, sport exhaust and intake

Six-speed manual

MTM lowering springs

Wheels and Tires
MTM Bimoto, 9.5x19 Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, 265/35

Peak Power: 424 hp @ 6600 rpm
Peak Torque: 413 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm
0-60 Mph: 4.0 sec.
Top Speed: 178 mph

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