He thought he was prepared to take this little lady to the prom... but it turns out he wasn't quite. In his own words: "Getting used to the car was a shock-you could hear everything, every tiny pebble that hit the undertray. It got squirmy if you hit the brakes while the wheel was turned, it wanted to rotate in ways you would never understand, it was loud, and it was almost impossible to get inside with any sense of grace."

Kang describes his first track event, (just prior, he had the supercharger installed): "It was a very rude awakening on how difficult driving a car can really be on a race track. With little understanding of chassis dynamics, I was helpless as the car punished my mistakes on the track, concluding in an epic storm of smoke and dust as I went into an oversteer spin at 100 mph through the entrance to the Bus Stop at Buttonwillow. It was textbook, a lift at the apex as an attempt to slow the entry made the car instantly spin, and I was headed backward into the dirt. The result being the interior of the car looking like a bulldozer just filled the inside with weeds and rocks. Having survived that day with nothing but a bruised ego and a dirty car, it really made me want to focus on learning how to drive using this exceptional track tool."

Undaunted and determined, Peter was going to master this lightweight monster-"...even though the car scared the bejesus out of me when I took it into the twisties, the community was so strong and supportive that you just felt that you had to just dive into it head first in order to get anything out of it."

Kang found the local racing community hospitable and loaded with events for the Lotus, explaining that "Getting into motorsports with a car like an Elise is very easy to do because of the community around it. For me it was easy to find the right people online in the Lotus forums."

Lucky for him, local enthusiast Jack Fried has paved the way by organizing private track events for Lotus drivers. The local community has evolved into a legitimate force with a dedicated time attack and race called the Lotus Challenge Series.

"Where else can you go to Cars and Coffee on any Saturday morning in Irvine, see classics or Veyrons, and then head to the canyons, and then the next day hit the track at Willow?" Kang asks. "It's a rare combination of incredible weather, car culture, and people that makes living here simply amazing."

When Kang started to get the itch for pure driving pleasure, he went out and scratched it. And now maybe you can catch him whipping through L.A. in his near perfectly tuned Lotus. Actually, you might see him, but you won't catch him.

Lotus Exige

Transverse mid engine, rear-wheel drive

1.8-liter I4, dohc, 16-valve. Mahle 9.1:1 forged pistons, Darton cylinder sleeves, Crower rods, Magnuson MP62 Supercharger (15 psi), Spearco air-to-water intercooler with 3 PWR heat exchangers at front, Circuitworx oil pump, Accusump oil reserve, Eibach valve springs, Supertech valves, Forcedfed race headers, 2Bular custom exhaust, additional swirlpot fuel tank

Six-speed manual

Nitron adjustable coilovers with Eibach Springs, Sector 111 components

Girodisc two-piece floating rotors (f&r), Hawk HT10 track pads, upgraded lines and fluid

Wheels And Tires
ROTA alloys, 7x15 (f), 8x16 (r)BFGoodrich g-force R1, 205/50 (f), 245/45 (r)

Custom flat aero bottom from IMRP custom flat undertray/diffuser/side sills, Reverie carbon fiber side scoops, APR front splitter and rear 300GTC wing with custom rear wing supports bolt directly to subframe, Craft Square carbon race mirrors, TWRD carbon hardtop/carbon rollbar cover, custom paint with yellow stripes by Shelly Ward Enterprise

Peak Power: 340 hp
Peak Torque: 230 lb-ft

Sparco Pro2000 seats, Schroth six-point harnesses, carbon door sills, door panels

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