By this time I could see my passenger was getting a little nervous, so I got on the Wilwood Billet Superlite brakes (with a 23mm brake cylinder and Wilwood hats drilled for a 911). This brake combination quickly got us down to more civil speeds, at which point the flaxen flyer got even more attention at a stoplight. One lady in a minivan nearly broke her neck looking at the rear fenders.

What had started out as a nervous experience with the competition clutch turned into a thrilling rendezvous between machine and man after only a few minutes of spirited driving-sort of like hooking up with an old girlfriend.

Comparing Jacob's modified 914 to an older stock version, or to my old girlfriend for that matter, might be sacrilege, but the mere fact that he let me behind the helm is worthy of praise.

1972 Porsche 914

Layout Longitudinal mid engine, rear-wheel drive

Engine 1982 3.0 Liter SC CIS 81-83 U.S. Specs, 9.3:1 Compression, stock cams and standard crank, balanced, Viton seals and O-rings, new valves and guides, C.I.S. (K-Jetronic), Original 914/6 oil cooler midships, external oil cooler under cowl with electric fan (thermostat on oil temp)

Transmission 901 five-speed, side shift, strengthened intermediate shaft

Suspension Weltmeister SP-180 springs, Bilstein dampers front, Koni dampers rear

Brakes Wilwood Superlite four piston calipers with Wilwood rotors, 23mm brake cylinder, Wilwood hats (drilled for 911)

Wheels & Tires Comple Custom alloys, 17-inch Dunlop SP Sport 9000, 205/40 (f), 275/40 (r)

Exterior Custom steel fenders, Glasurit 21 Line Toner Yellow Paint (Custom Auto Body)

Interior Original 914/6 steering column, hand stitched leather and suede interior

Performance Peak Power: 240 hp

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