This concept of intelligent lightweight technology serves to consistently lower the car’s centre of gravity in the interest of superior agility at all times. Indeed, this agility is further enhanced by another special feature also standing out through its special look, with the lateral support element boasting recesses shaped to form the "MINI" model designation. Again, this special feature clearly visible from outside particularly when looking at the car from above further emphasizes the spirit of pure adventure in the open air.

Extreme variability for all kinds of activities, weather and road conditions.
Single seats at the rear adjusting fore-and-aft as required and with backrests folding down completely offer the passengers a supreme standard of grand touring comfort tailored to their individual requirements and allow appropriate adjustment of transport capacities for all needs. In practice, this means that the driver and passengers are able to conveniently stow even bulky sports equipment such as mountain bikes or wakeboards securely held in position by special fastening systems.

When open, the MINI Beachcomber Concept is also able to carry extra-long objects such as surfboards without the slightest problem. Fastened firmly to the lateral support, surfboards fit conveniently into the car, sticking out at the top on the way to the beach.

The driver and passengers enjoy convenient access to the luggage compartment though the rear panel split vertically down the middle into two sections. Whenever necessary, the right-hand side may remain fully open for bulky objects extending out of the car at the rear. The left rear element, in turn, is a window-less door hinged at the side and extending up to the seat backrests. The additional storage case fitted on to the door is reminiscent in its round shape of a fully enclosed spare wheel holder of the type otherwise seen on a conventional offroader. But since the MINI Beachcomber Concept comes with runflat tires and therefore does not require a spare wheel, the lockable case may be used to take along additional luggage, keeping beach mats, towels, surf shoes or similar odds and ends within easy reach at all times.

Flexible protection from wind and weather: soft roof or hardtop inserts.
The MINI Beachcomber Concept is built for the sunny side of life and is simply perfect for spontaneous action. Through its optimum flexibility, the car is able to meet all kinds of different requirements, naturally coping with any sudden change in exterior conditions.

This alone gives the MINI Beachcomber Concept all the qualities required for everyday motoring, with several options to cater for new demands and weather conditions.

The soft roof coming off the body completely and folding up into a compact unit offers particularly convenient and, at the same time, effective protection from rain and weather. Whenever required, the roof may be drawn over the car within a few instants like a tonneau cover on a boat, fastening conveniently on the windscreen frame, the rear panel and the side openings.

Made of an extremely light and, at the same time, very robust special fiber, the roof comes with transparent plastic inserts at the sides and at the rear serving as windows.

In its functional qualities, the roof follows the same standard as the most sophisticated and demanding outdoor wear combining maximum protection from wind and rain with minimum weight.

The lashing points holding the roof in position are equally strong, stable and user-friendly, with the four entry points and the rear door opening and closing easily when the roof is in place, naturally keeping out draughts and water from outside.

As a further option for reliable protection even in bad weather, the MINI Beachcomber Concept is available with accurately fitting plastic inserts on the roof, at the sides and at the rear. Made of an extra-light plastic material, these robust inserts carry over the principle of the removable hardtop to the doors and the luggage compartment lid of the car. And again in the interest of clear design and superior convenience, the inserts come flush with the body of the MINI Beachcomber Concept.

The door elements maintain their defined position through their firm connection to the opening points and the A- and D-pillars. They are likewise transparent at the top to provide good visibility to the outside, with the rear element held firmly in position through its contact to the left door element, the rear body panel at the right, and the loading sill. The hardtop as such is connected to the windscreen frame at the front and rests in special mounts on the rollover crossbar. Precisely arranged connections joining the hardtop with the side and rear elements keep the entire structure extremely strong and stable, the appropriate connection being unfastened in each case when opening a door.

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