Typical MINI design, re-interpreted and concentrating on the essential.
Thanks to its clear design language, the body of the MINI Beachcomber Concept concentrating on the essential leaves no doubts that this is a genuine MINI. Unmistakable design elements reminiscent of the brand stand out clearly at first sight. And like on the MINI Crossover Concept presented for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in autumn 2008, the new model clearly reflects the ongoing process of MINI design and the introduction of MINI design language in a new type of vehicle. Indeed, both the smooth and firm design of the body and proportions typical of MINI show once again that this is clearly a member of the range. Short overhangs front and rear as well as the wide wheel stance likewise bear the overall look of the brand on the MINI Beachcomber Concept. Here again, therefore, the new model comes with characteristic MINI design features at the front, side and rear re-interpreted on the new model. The extra-wide body frame even encompassing the wheel arches and extending down to the road emphasizes the robust flair and character of this all-wheel-drive concept study. And thanks to greater ground clearance, the advantage of short overhangs front and rear comes out even more on rough terrain, allowing a particularly large ramp angle for even the toughest requirements.

Extending to the front in a dynamic sweep, the entire front section of the car is angled towards the road. The engine compartment lid is powerfully chiseled, the powerdome with its integrated air insert symbolizing the outstanding muscle and performance of the turbocharged engine within the car.

The hexagon radiator grille again so typical of MINI comes with contour lines carried over directly from the front look of the Mini Moke. With its vertical position, three robust crossbars and additional integrated headlights, the radiator grille gives the MINI Beachcomber Concept particularly powerful and convincing presence.

The large, three-dimensional headlight units integrated in the engine compartment lid as a new interpretation of a characteristic design feature also boast a striking look.

Accentuated by the classy chrome frame, the headlights follow the contours of the engine compartment lid and wheel arches, again confirming the increase in stature and spaciousness over the MINI models available so far. A large air intake at the bottom and foglamps moved far to the outside, finally, round off the front view of the car again in that unique style so typical of MINI.

Side view: new combination of robust strength and lightweight look.
Extending far into the side of the car, the headlights additionally emphasize the short front overhang. The powerfully designed wheel arches on the MINI Beachcomber Concept boast large 17-inch light-alloy wheels and offroad tires with a rough tread.

The surrounds on the side direction indicators again so typical of MINI come for the first time in a diagonal shape in the extended A-pillar, creating a wide band in distinctive color precisely at the same point as on the classic Mini and now forming an optical connection between the windscreen frame and the front wheels. This graphic element again underlines the solidity of the MINI Beachcomber Concept with its A-pillars appearing to rest powerfully on the front axle. At the rear the rollbar forms an equally direct line extending towards the rear axle of the car.

Massive side-sills along the front and rear entry points interact with the dark body frame to add a further touch of robustness, while the free view offered into the interior emphasizes the lightness and agility of this concept car. Stylized push button elements around the entry point, like on the MINI Moke, indicate the option to fit a simple and straightforward cover for bad weather. The actual fastening and adjustment points for the soft roof, on the other hand, are not even visible from outside.

The graphic look of the rear end is formed in particular by the asymmetric design of the luggage compartment, the door element on the left and the storage case fitted on the outside symbolizing the superior versatility of the car while the open section on the left emphasizes the lightness and spontaneous functionality of the entire concept.

Over and above these specific features, the MINI Beachcomber Concept naturally comes with other design elements at the rear typical of the brand as such. The rear light clusters fitting like islands into the side panels, for example, stand upright and are surrounded by a wide band of chrome. Further down, the rear end is dominated by horizontal lines interacting with the muscular wheel arches to emphasize the sheer width of the car and its powerful stance on the road.

With the roof closed this convincing look of power and muscle is further accentuated by the growing width of the car in steps from top to bottom. The numberplate surround takes up the design and contours of the front air intake, while the rear air dam rounded off at the bottom again in typical MINI style comes with a robust underfloor protection element.

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