Wide-opening gullwing doors for easy entry
Despite the low seating position typical of sports cars, which means the seats are located only 369 millimetres above the road surface, the wide opening gullwing doors ensure easy entry and exit. The designers made sure that the doors had as large an opening angle as possible, which is why they swing up by 70 degrees. Another consideration that was just as important was that the distance between the opened doors and the road surface is an ample 1.50 metres, while the size of the passage between the opened doors and the upper edge of the side skirts is a generous 1.08 metres. By contrast, the entry height (the distance between the road surface and the upper edge of the side skirts) is a low 45 centimetres. Another important criterion for ensuring an elegant entry and exit is that the opening and closing of the doors requires little effort even when it's very cold, because of two gas-dampers next to the door hinges.

The gullwing doors require less room to open than conventional coupe doors and can be completely opened in standard sized garages. The gullwing doors can be opened from the interior by means of a "silver shadow" opening handle. Thanks to the linkage system in the door's armrest, the door is easy to handle when closing. The buttons for the power windows, the central locking system and the exterior mirror adjustment are also easily accessible in the interior trim. The interior has a spacious feeling, due primarily to the large shoulder room of 1483 millimetres and the wide elbow width of 1606 millimetres. In conjunction with the generous headroom of 990 millimetres and the driver's effective legroom of 1058 millimetres, the deep seating position is also relaxing. The passengers benefit from a relatively steep windscreen that provides a good view.

Sports seats with magnesium backrests
The backrests of the sports seats are made of magnesium, a high-tech material that is strong as well as light. This results in substantial benefits with regard to the vehicle's weight balance and the lowering of its centre of gravity. The sports seats have two-zone seat cushions. Large side bolsters filled with harder foam ensure optimum lateral support, while the inner zones of the seats and backrests have purposefully been made softer for high long-distance driving comfort. The Memory Package enables the user to electrically adjust the seat's lateral position and height as well as the tilt of the backrest, seat cushion, and steering column. In addition, the package allows the user to save up to three individual settings.Four-way lumbar supports provide effective support for the spine, while adjustable side bolsters in the backrests substantially improve lateral support when driving around bends at high speeds. Other standard features include a three-stage seat heating system as well as seat occupancy and child safety seat detection for the front seat passenger.

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