It is not just the gullwing doors that awaken reminiscences of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. The characteristic wide radiator grille with the large Mercedes-Benz star and the wing-like fin are also reminiscent of the face of the legendary sports car. The three-dimensional, sculptured front with the low, v-shaped front skirt with lateral indentations gives the gullwing a powerful stance on the road. The car's dominance is underscored by six large air intakes and the wideset, vertical headlamps with intriguing internals: The central bixenon low-beam headlamps with metallic wing element are framed by two LED indicators above and two LED daytime running lights below.

Influences from aircraft design
Echoes of aircraft design are stirred by the exposed Mercedes-Benz star, whose cone in profile resembles the air intake of a jet engine, and the long bonnet. The further the viewer's eye wanders to the front, the greater the curvature of the bonnet. The same visual effect is produced by the design of the four "silver shadow" fins gracing the two air vent grilles on the end of the bonnet. These lines, which are typical for aircraft, also optically accelerate the air flowing past, giving the SLS AMG an extremely dynamic appearance even when standing still.

The fins on the bonnet are also visible on the vehicle's flanks. Aficionados will recognize this as another typical styling element of the 300 SL. The "6.3" badge integrated between the fins provides a direct reference to the large displacement, naturally aspirated V8 engine. Extending from the lateral air outlet is a style-defining character line, which together with the convex inclination and the exciting surface treatment combines aesthetics with power. The compact passenger compartment is extremely attractive and unmistakable, and with its high waistline, low side windows and steep windscreen which resembles a visor. The B-pillar, which is inclined to the front and transitions to the rear window with an elegant curve, gives the impression of pure dynamics.

Muscle and shoulder dominate the side view
The pronounced shoulder of the SLS, which extends from the front to the rear like a taut muscle, is striking when the car is viewed from the side. The wheel arches that extend powerfully from the sidewall are filled by striking 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) light alloy wheels. Three different styles of wheels all provide a view of the large, AMG high-performance composite brakes. When viewed from above, an unbroken line extends along the muscle from the headlamps to the rear. This stylistic feature is also found on the bonnet, where the eye follows a striking contour extending over the roof between the gullwing doors to the third brake light.

Rear view with wide appeal
The rear view of the SLS suggests dynamics and power. The gently sloping boot lid, the pronounced shoulder and the flat tail lights all give the car a wide appearance. The unusual horizontal split lights provide an interesting look thanks to sporting LED technology, in the shape of a wing they impart a fascinating and distinctive night design. The LED fog lamp/backup light is mounted low and in the middle, Formula 1 style. The black diffuser insert and the two chrome tailpipe baffles of the sports exhaust system are also inspired by motor sports. The sharp indentations of the rear skirt allow a clear view of the wide rear tyres and give the gullwing a self-assured road stance. The spoiler integrated into the boot lid extends automatically at a speed of 75 mph and provides outstanding stability at high speeds.

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