An iconic British racing car feared on the track came face-to-face with a British tracked icon feared by the enemy.

With no smooth racing track in sight to use its superior speed to escape, the Le Mans Series-winning Aston Martin LMP1 admitted defeat to the most feared weapon in the British army, the Challenger II Battle Tank.

The two iconic vehicles met on Salisbury Plain when the army and Prodrive organised a joint event which raised an estimated 6k for `Help for Heroes'.

During the day, Prodrive took the army for rides in a Subaru rally car, while the army showed the motorsport company how good the Challenger II tank is off-road.

"The Challenger II has amazing off-road capability," said Prodrive chief engineer vehicle engineering, Steve Barwick. "But, despite having 1200 horsepower at its disposal, its 62 tonnes means its never going to win any rallies and the tracks wouldn't give much grip on a race circuit. However, it was interesting to see how similar the challenges in designing a military vehicle are to those of a rally car, where ultimate off-road speed and stability are paramount."

How they compare:

Aston Martin LMP1 Challenger II Battle Tank
Top Speed: Over 200 mph 37 mpg (25 off road)
Weight: 900 kg 62,500 kg
Engine: Aston Martin V12 6 litre petrol Perkins CV-12 diesel
Power: 700 bhp (520kW) 1,200 bhp (890 kW)
Power to Weight Ratio: 737 bhp/tonne 19 bhp/tonne
Transmission: Xtrac Six Speed David Brown TN54 Epicyclical Transmission
Suspension: Double Wishbone with Coil Over Springs Hydropnuematic
Crew: One - Driver Four - Commander, Gunner, Loader, Driver
Main Weapon None 120 mm 55 calibre long L30A1 Tank Gun
Armour/Protection Lola Carbon-Fibre Monocoque Chassis Second Generation Chobham Armour
Price: 1 million 4.2 million
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