The professionalism they have shown over the years earned Abt their place as an independent tuning partner of VW and Audi, and a partnership with Audi in their hugely successful DTM programme. Because of this, Abt is in a unique position in the aftermarket tuning world, but they never rest on their laurels and are always striving to improve their products.

VW finally perfected the Golf 1.4 TSI, and now Abt has given it a harder, more focused character. But as we have seen, that sporting edge does not have to be an uncomfortable one. As hot hatches go, the Abt Golf VS4 is the archetypal iron fist in a velvet glove.

ABT Golf VS4
* Layout
Transverse front engine, front-wheel drive

* Engine
1.4-liter I4, dohc, 16-valve

* Transmission
Six-speed DSG

* Suspension
ABT coilovers

* Brakes
Eight-piston calipers, 380mm rotors

* Wheels and Tires
ABT alloys, 8x18Pirelli P Zero, 255/40

Peak Power: 207 hp @ 6500 rpm
Peak Torque: 214 lb-ft @ 2550 rpm

North America
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