Continuing up and left-ish, everything sort of anchors on the long Mille Miglia/Le Mans/Daytona/Targa Florio/Sebring/CanAm involvement that essentially made Porsche's legend. From the 356 era through all of the 911 variants you dream of, the 550 Spyders, 718s and 904s, and particularly the 917/956/962 visual orgy with everything in between, not a single car displayed can keep me from gasping and recalling all of those races and weekend drives I'm old enough to remember. The phalanx of incredibly famous 917s in particular is worthy of a kow-tow or two. And yes, there is a gorgeous 1988 959 Coupe of the 292 that were built, as well as today's RS Spyder.

Porsche in the Wiedeking era, as crystallized by this new Porsche Museum, is moving well beyond its characteristic Swabian humility and becoming a hot horn-tooting property. There is no doubt whatsoever whose 'hood you've entered on the north side of Stuttgart. Porsche needed this in order to step from the shadows of fellow Stuttgart stalwart Daimler with its also-new Mercedes-Benz car museum over on the east side in Untertrkheim. And while Daimler is busy consolidating its simple Mercedes-Benz+Maybach+Smart equation, Porsche Holding is gobbling up Volkswagen Group. So it's pretty clear that this museum also had to reflect this major shift in power that the boss had in mind.

And then in late 2008 they went and stole away Mercedes-Benz museum director Achim Stejskal to run the whole Porsche Museum effort. Who's the Spitzenhund now, Dieter?

Opening hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., while the restaurant at the top level is also open for dinner. Admission is 8 for adults ($10.60), 4 for students ($5.30), and kids 14 and under get in free.

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