There are only a few tuning houses around the world that honestly try and provide serious customers with a complete menu of major upgrades to already-great Porsches. TechArt in Leonberg, Germany, is up there with (some would say beyond) Ruf and Gemballa and 9ff in regards to the home field aftermarket. Every time I show up at the central offices, I am wowed by what I try, be it by the interior treatment, engine upgrades, unsprung weight arrangement, or exterior aero eye candy. I can always tell that TechArt is still having fun while running a tight business.

After flying around Baden-Wrttemberg this past spring in the GTstreet coupe and cabriolet, I vowed to return to TechArt just as soon as the 997 GTstreet RS was ready. Based on the GT2, horsepower escalates from 523 at 6500 rpm to 691 at 7000 revs, and 501 lb-ft of torque between 2200 and 4500 here becomes 634 lb-ft peaking at 4500, with almost all of it available from 3300 to 5400 rpm. Estimated acceleration time to 62 mph for the factory GT2 sits at 3.7 seconds while the GTstreet RS improves that to 3.4. Finally, the factory GT2 hits 125 mph in a claimed 11.2 seconds. My GTstreet RS does the same dash in 9.9 seconds. I win.

Just to get it all out in the open, TechArt hasn't altered the natural GT2 ride height one millimeter, nor has wheel camber been futzed with, and even the 9.0:1 compression ratio is spot on with factory spec despite the spike in max boost. Everything else has been touched or clobbered.

Before launching, let's get comfy in the two-top cabin. TechArt does the very best aftermarket Porsche interiors that exist, or basically the best Porsche interiors period. Having witnessed the saddlery at work a few times, no one approaches TechArt's level of leather and Alcantara perfection. In the most general of terms, if you took the very best and most interesting Audi interior and applied it to a 911 you'd be getting close, but it's even better than that. Notice the TechArt trademark of matching the color of the interior stitching, seat belts, and brake calipers.

Seating for the GTstreet RS are completely re-skinned GT2 performance buckets with their lightweight carbon fiber construction and manual fore-aft operation (to save weight, lazy ass). These high-sided performance seats are glove-like and encourage me to drive the car to its limits as soon as all circulatory fluids are sufficiently hot. What fun to feel that tight yet comfortable fit and the no-slip Alcantara clinging to my rear thighs and back. Flicking the Alcantara-covered six-speed shifter is like reaching for a rigid Beanie Baby. And then the Alcantara steering wheel grab spots--can they knit me a pair of Alcantara underwear? More purchase for my jewels.

Though the GT2 is a debatable every-day driver for any male executive, it is the current finest super-exotic package out of any major manufacturer, save perhaps the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. The GTstreet RS upgrades take the GT2 a notch above the Ferrari in my book of notches. I can still relish driving it every day while also still driving it bloody hard when I choose. Not having the optional bolt-in half cage also renders this GT2 a cargo space champion. The knowledge that those two rear passenger plinths are no longer there makes the Porsche GT experience the best of all 911s.

TechArt pumps up maximum boost pressure from each modified KKK-BorgWarner VTG turbo to 23.9 psi, compared to the standard GT2's estimated 20.3-psi max. TechArt also assures me that they worked directly with KKK-BorgWarner in redesigning the enhanced cross section of the turbocharger intake side and exit path for better breathing of cooler air thanks to two larger intercoolers behind the wide-mouth front intakes.

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