'85 Ur Quattro V8
If there's one constant in this business, it's people stuffing huge engines into small spaces. We've seen both ends of the spectrum, from a Buick V6 shoved into a 914 to a Northstar V8 in a GTI. We're even guilty ourselves, stuffing a 3.6-liter 911 engine beneath Project Boxster R's bonnet. It's a proven method to improved performance. Look what it did for the Sunbeam Tiger.

This V8 transplant involves an UrQ with a gigantic chunk of Audi A8 beneath its hood. Hugely refined with respectable power, a 4.2-liter ABZ engine has replaced the original five-cylinder, leaving this Coupe with more than twice the hp and torque.

2Bennett received the car as one of those "never realized" project cars. Largely disassembled and in various boxes, 2B sold the car to its next owner, who put it back together and returned in search of upgrades.

The transplant required subframe modification and custom-built engine brackets and mounts. 2Bennett also lengthened the front bumper to make room for a substantially larger front-mounted radiator system.

The coupe features 2B's carbon-fiber airbox, fully functioning air conditioning, 2B's aluminum flywheel and clutch and a complete 2B exhaust system, including the company's own stainless steel downpipes and factory-correct catalytic converters. The chassis was re-balanced with a special 2Bennett suspension including sizeable front and rear anti-roll bars and larger brakes.

Prior to its mechanical work, the entire car was stripped and painted in two-stage Standox paint and fitted with Euro-spec headlamps and smoked taillamps. The Sport-motif black cabin includes an A8 gauge cluster with updated Coupe Quattro multi-function switches.

"The owner loves Ur Quattros but grew tired of reliability issues," says Andrew Bennett. "He's got the best of both worlds now."

With more than 350 hp, this V8 Quattro has more than enough power to hold its own. Though not as quick off the line as the tubocharged cars, this one gets up to speed with frightening brevity. I know for a fact the 2Bennett ECU programming removed the 155 mph limiter.

2Bennett Audimotive
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