Getting in and out of a Formula Renault takes a bit of practice. With the removable steering wheel clipped in place, you'll find the cockpit a very tight place indeed. Once under power, you find that there is actually just enough room to turn the steering wheel and operate the gear shift. The sequential shifting is fast, smooth, and precise, backward for upshifts or forward for downshifts (clutching required). Power comes on strong in these lightweight winged missiles, and upshifts are particularly satisfying with the no-lift programming. The feeling of speed is enhanced by the fact that there is no speedometer, only a simple LCD display with tach, gear position, shift lights, and engine temperature. The braking system is also extremely effective due to the low weights, and provides excellent feedback from the fixed piston calipers. Road feel and handling is where Formula cars excel. You feel completely connected via quick-ratio steering with a seat-of-the-pants feel through all four wheels. Cornering ability is truly exceptional; the ultra-firm suspension tuning and aerodynamic downforce are capable of over 2 g in the hands of professional driver.

ABRS's Formula car program comes highly recommended for the intimate and professional race school experience, modern race technology of the Formula cars and data acquisition, and for face-time and idividual feedback from a former F1 driver. Also, as an extra bonus, each student is provided with a 2GB USB card with their in-car video, GPS data, and a copy of the MoTeC software with full instructions, as well as a variety of photos that were taken during the day. Book your seat now before word gets out.

Car Spec: Formula Renault 1600Chassis
Carbon-fiber monocoque with engine/gearbox stressed member

Monoshock pushrod front, twin shock pushrod rear

1600cc I4, fuel injection, Magnetti Marelli engine management; 140 hp

Five-speed sequential manual

Twin independent circuits, two-piston fixed caliper with solid steel rotors

Wheels and Tires
OZ center locks, Sumitomo HTR200

Curb Weight
440 kg (968 lb, ~6.9 lb/hp)

Price as Driven
(including MoTeC I2Pro data/video system): $90,000

What you get at the one-day Allen Berg Racing School program
Use of track-equipped Formula Renault 1600s
Use of driving equipment: Sabelt race suit, gloves, and full-face helmet
Exercises and extensive track time driving the Formula Renault with GPS data logging
Group classroom driving theory, track protocol, and GPS debrief sessions
Gourmet lunch and refreshments
In-car video and GPS telemetry of your laps, MoTeC software, and photos of the day on a USB memory card
Face-time and personal feedback from a former F1 driver

Half-day: $735
One-day: $1,470
Two-day: $3,150
Advanced lapping day: $1,680*CDN

Allen Berg Racing Schools

By Doug Neilson
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