EC: What's the environment in the pits like? Is it all business among the drivers, or is it a little more relaxed?

LK: One thing I noticed is that at the same time that TDI is an all-business, out-there-to-win environment, it's also relaxed. The drivers know at the end of the day we're all teammates in the series, so while we're still out there to win, outside of the car we're all at the very least decent to each other. Which is certainly better than any other series I've been in, I have to say.

EC: You were a promising driver before starting this series, but do you feel the TDI Cup has opened a few more doors or maybe put you on a few more teams' radar that you wouldn't have been on otherwise?

LK: I feel the TDI Cup has opened more doors for me as an American driver than any other series Stateside could deliver. Factory involvement comes nowhere else really on the open-wheel route here in the States, so VW's involvement makes this series something valuable to any driver, especially those looking to head to Europe.

EC: What are your plans for next year and beyond?

LK: For next year I'm looking at options all over the world, including the Star Mazda Championship and Formula ADAC masters, powered by VW, and some other overseas options.

EC: Will your next personal car be a VW, maybe even a diesel-powered VW?

LK: I'd love to get myself in a VW. Now that I've driven the racecar I'd love a TDI, but sadly, the resale value is too much for this 16-year-old.

EC: Here's your chance to make your sponsors happy and tell us who you would like to thank.

LK: First, I'd have to thank my parents, my family and friends and crew members who have supported me. I'd also like to thank VW of America for all they've helped me out with, ViON corporation, TRAX International, Speed Secrets, Allsports Grand Prix in Dulles, Va., OG Racing, GAM Printers, Zeffirelli Ristorante Italiano, and Chick-Fil-A of Dulles Town Crossing.

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