Gearing Up

Components Jordan Martin Anthony Gelinas Jarod Legsdin
Revo stage II flash, Eurojet
downpipe, Greddy cat-back
exhaust, Eurojet PCV fix,
Eurosport Intake
VF RSS big turbo kit with
Garrett GT28RS turbo, VF intercooler,
Milltek Turbo Exhaust
VF RSR big turbo kit with Garrett
GT35/76R turbo, custom water to
air charge cooler, Pauter Rods, JE
Forged Pistons, Del Rio Cylinder
head with custom exhaust cam,
Tial 38mm external wastegate,
GIAC/VF Proprietary injectors,
custom turbo-back exhaust
Transmission Stock DSG Stock DSG 6 speed manual, Peliquin
planetary LSD, VF short shift kit
Suspension Eibach Pro-Kit springs and
Koni FSD shocks and struts
Patac cockpit adjustable coilovers,
Neuspeed sway bars and billet
end links
AST 7-setting, two way adjustable
threaded body coil-overs,
Eibach sway bars
Brakes Stock VW JBT front big brake kit, Neuspeed
brake lines and factory rear brakes
Alcon 4 Piston street sport
brakes(f), stock(r)
Wheels and Tires VMR VB3 19x8.5 Falken ST115 225/35 Volk Racing CE28N, 19x8
Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 225/35
Volk Racing RE-30, 18x9,
Toyo RA-1 245/40
Exterior European Market OE Golf GT Grills, smoked tail lights and rear
wiper delete
Seibon carbon fiber hood, Oettinger
body kit incl: front bumper and grill,
side skirts, rear valence
Caracter body kit, DTM Auto Haus
carbon fiber hood, custom
fender flares

Factory Tooling
Who better to tune a car than the guys who built it?
*There's something in human nature that helps us deal with aging: nostalgia. I'm continually telling younger guys that they missed the glory days of the Mk II GTI and everything that Volkswagen was about back then. It goes like this: When I was in high school we had great Volkswagens. Cars that were easy to tune, cars that, while good from the factory, could be made truly incredible with a few choice modifications.

Then VW came along and slapped me back to reality. The company recently invited me to AutoClub Speedway in Fontana, Calif., where, I was told, there would be a couple of surprises. Those surprises were what you see here, and I wasn't disappointed. If pounding around the road coarse and the autocross for a day wasn't enough, the cars came to the office for a week to really drive the message home: VW is serious about performance and knows what its customers want.

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