Engine management is handled by software from GIAC. It isn't possible to add boost through programming when using a supercharger. That's determined by the blower's revolutions, which are mechanically determined by the size of the drive pulley. It is possible, however, to control engine timing, which can be optimized to driving conditions and, more importantly, fuel octane levels. Like most GIAC software, a handheld switcher is available to change programs through the OBD-II port. Owners can choose from pump and race gas programs, as well as valet mode. There's even a kill switch.

The first iteration of this kit was released in 2003. Since then, more than 300 kits have been installed on cars the world over. The newest version appears to be the best and easiest to use yet, but with five years experience already in the bag, you know the product is thoroughly tested.

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